A Fair Trial for Blade

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Wesley Snipes is desperately seeking to have his tax evasion trial relocated. This is his third attempt to move his trial from Ocala, Florida for fears of racism.

With his track record of comments toward black women, he has a better chance with a white jury.


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  • too fast

    What can I say, he ugly as hell.

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=112604302 FineAsWine*****Wizzo is FAN-TAS-TA-RAS-TIC



  • http://www.theblackactor.com Baby Please

    He still work?

  • rachel

    If he gets a jury of mostly white women…he could get his lawyer to submit to the court all the negative BS he said about black women…He would be acquitted in a heart beat! lol,lol

    Those florida ho’s can’t stand any other females MORE TANNED THEN THEY ARE , especailly god given tannes that dont turn orange or wear off.

    Snipes …man your screwed …should of never said what you said…now no body got your back..holla

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Yeah he gets work only because like every 5 years he does another “blaze” movie. And he automatically thinks that the movie is going to do Millions and he going to make Millions(…which is not the case…) and the dumbass doesn’t pay his taxes on it because he does his own accounting because he doen’st trust people– and definitly not black people.

    Yes, he is a delusional asshole who is in for really rude awakening!

    ~Good luck with that homie!!

  • Oppie Cunningham

    Oh my is he wearing a velvet suit…Wesley baby no!

  • http://Comcast BigNBeautiful

    All that money he was making he should of paid them damn taxes, normal people pay them so why should they be excluded.

  • Luvlee87

    Wesley Needs Jesus!

  • bree

    the suit, the necklace, the shades, the face..omg..wesley stay inside

  • RU$$

    Why would he live in the South any fu#king way?!

  • Bronx Brawler

    This dude is like OJ when things are good it’s all about others than catch a case switch it quick fast. Blk ppl don’t run to his defense let his ass fry oh well. It’s bigger than Nino Brown lmbao

  • Nah Man,Nah!

    lookin like a broke ass Velveteen pimp circa 1983.

  • SMDH

    So – lemme get this straight: the self hating black woman bashing racist has the nerve to demand that he doesn’t go through the same thing???

    The irony is uncanny!!!


    I wish they could give the black bastard the chair…

  • California Pixie

    Oh Jesus! I’ll never forget his ashy knuckles in Waiting to Exhale.

    I don’t know the story on his tax issues but why is it that the wealthiest Mf’rs are either behind in their taxes or have avoided paying. (I’m generalizing here…I realize it’s not the norm)

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r (fre M O Dt)*flashdance cut-up vintage tee style!*


    *skinnin’ and grinnin’*

    “if it isn’t ol’ Get Down, Nino Brown! WHATCHAKNOW, GOOD???!!!!”

    *points double-barrell finger style and blows the tips*

  • WeSSide Eviscer8r (fre M O Dt)*flashdance cut-up vintage tee style!*

    this n’ka looks like he is channeling his inner Sammy Davis Junior (the boots & suit, the tax evasion problems, the “cavorting” with other women…)

    and, Sammy is like, “naw, n’ka…don’t be callin on me…i was MARRIED to a fine azz sista!!!”

  • lol

    well he is not perfect i know sistas how u all feeling but i am to young to rem what he said about black women back then. he is older now i pray more mature yes a sell out. we have alots of sell out black men now.but for mrWesley i like his movies and he did add me to myspace and he knows im a black lady and i told him how i felt and i guess he understands other rise he would had never add me. hes 45 now so leave him alone. i dont take up for other sell out black men. but he wesley should be mature now and he got to find out on his own. any who im not going to sit here and fight over this any more seems we all dis agree lets grow up black people please.

  • JillyBean819

    I stopped caring about this dollar store fool when I heard about all that crap he said about black women.

    I don’t give a damn what happens to his ass.

  • http://none JeLoi

    I use to be a fan of WS until the comment about black women. So for me I don’t feel sorry for him and I hope he gets what he deserves.

  • http://gorgeousblackwomen.blogspot.com/ GorgeousBlackWomen

    The klan only goes after significant people. He has nothing to worry about.

    I don’t even know what he said about black women, but I hate men who beat women. I’d be yelling “guilty!” from the stands.

  • Shootingstar

    Why are rich people always trying to lay their f*cking tax burden on the middle-class? Wesley’s black ass needs to stop stalling and pay his taxes (and the penalities).

  • DM

    I don’t feel sorry for the man. He doesn’t like black women. Later for you, dude.

  • Curly Fries (Part of the Free MJB Squad)

    ^^^^Peckerwood, trailer-rat cracker. Please peruse through all of the posts. Only one person thought he was married to a Becky. That’s because everyone else knows he married an Asian.

    Get YOUR facts right and take a refresher course in English. Your grammar is an atrocity, Opie!

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