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Did Sheree really have sex with Tameka’s ex-hubby Usher while they were still married??

Sheree Buchanan Denies Having Sex With Usher

Contrary to what Tameka Raymond implied, Sheree Buchanan said her co-star knows nothing about her sexual history.

Via S2S Magazine reports:

“When it was said, I was completely thrown off guard,” Sheree told Sister 2 Sister. “I realized, not too long after we had the conversation that that was a tactic for Tameka. Before you can attack Tameka, Tameka’s going to attack you. That’s just the person she is.”

On the latest episode of “Atlanta Exes,” Sheree, Tameka and their friend Monica met to discuss Tameka’s concerns that Sheree had a past sexual relationship with Usher Raymond. That conversation quickly turned into a discussion about Sheree’s sex life when Tameka accused her of having several sexual partners throughout her life.

“I’ve heard a lot of things about your sexual prowess. I’ve heard it from several different people. So, we would have to have an arena of people to have this meeting with,” Tameka told Sheree on the show.

Tameka admitted that she brought up Sheree’s alleged past as a defense mechanism.

“What you didn’t see is that throughout the hour long conversation, I tried to change the subject and ‘deflect’ from the ex [husband] topic because…I was uncomfortable discussing that subject on the show,” Tameka explained on her blog. “When I feel confronted or ambushed in any way, my natural reaction will most often be sarcasm and indifference.”

Now that Sheree understands that Tameka’s default setting is to deflect when confronted, she’s not taking her cast member’s comments too seriously.

“For her, I think it was a way to offset what she knew was about to happen, because she knew… she was coming into something that was going to be addressed about the things that she had said. That was Tameka turning the situation around on me. She know she ain’t heard all that stuff. There wasn’t no arena of people that she talked to that said anything about my sex life,” said Sheree, who denies sleeping with Usher.

“No. Me and Usher were always friends. I knew him before I knew her. We were always friends,” said Sheree who explained that Usher was regularly invited to her home for parties when she was married. “Ray [Buchanan] would always invite them. He’d always come. We were always friends. We were always cool. We lived in the same neighborhood.”

According to Sheree, she can count the number of her sexual partners on one hand.

Tameka didn’t retract her statements about Sheree in her most recent blog. Instead, she implied that there was a lot viewers missed.

“My delivery may be questionable, but the things I say are not lies. I’m too grown for lies and fear no one but God, so lies aren’t an option,” Tameka wrote. “Let’s just all be glad that all of the details of our conversation didn’t come out. Sheree would definitely be furious, her BFF Monica was spilling all kinds of Lipton…but that’s none of my business.”

Sheree and Tameka have known each other for years so maybe there’s a little more here then what we know. The rumors that Sheree smashed Usher to smithereens have been persistent since the show started. Hit the flip for more from Sheree next…


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