Kanye Turning Over New Leaf

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Kanye West was at the Tribeca Film Festival Dinner this week doing what it does, humbly. People were digging his attitude and conduct while there:

Kanye West was never more polite and gracious than when he turned up at Vanity Fair’s Tribeca Film Festival kickoff dinner. Perhaps “South Park” should get some of the credit. The cartoon skewered West for his inflated ego less than two weeks ago. But for whatever reason, the mega-rapper checked his self-importance at the door for the VF bash.

Arriving solo, West hung out with Spike Lee on the veranda at state Supreme Court downtown, noshing on salmon fish cakes. (See, “South Park”? He can take a joke!) Soon he was even chatting animatedly with fans, telling one: “I don’t want to be an actor. I’m more into working on my fashion lines and focusing on music.”

Nice to see Kanye getting the respect he deserves…and him finally taking it, gracefully.

Speaking of Spike, check him out at the Apple Store in Soho.

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  • http://www.gravatar.com Beautiful

    damn its gone snow today….lol not ye’ bein humble anyways prayer fixes all things….

  • Royal Chocolate

    Maybe he’ll become “attractive” in the face…..

  • No you can't be boyfriend # 2! So stop calling me!

    He looks good.

  • mzsweetface

    It’s all an act. The true Kanye will appear eventually.

  • Look in the mirror

    hi kanye. Now I can have lunch knowing I didn’t miss YOUR post. I personally believe he would be a good actor. I would love to see him doing othello or maybe miles davis.


  • http://www.gravatar.com Beautiful


    It’s all an act. The true Kanye will appear eventually.

    lets have faith!! Maybe he’s growin as a man

  • mizjulie

    And as prett that Amber girl is, she makes him look extremely cheap and ghetto. He needs to leave her at home, she has no class. The things he’s trying to do now do not go well with her image and look, the fashion industry will never accept him with her on his side.

  • mizjulie

    I meant pretty

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    Thats a good look for you Kanyeezy…That South Park episode was funny as hell tho…

  • always knew

    Love Spike, he’s aging well..Would love to see another project by him…

    Kanye, That’s good (attitude adjustment), we all need to be brought back down to size, once in a while… We all still put on our pants, one leg at a time…Much love and continued wishes of success.


  • me (the original)®

    Still love Kanye ❤ But that South Park episode had to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen.

  • Luv-Lee

    Yes Kanye!!! Good for you!! I LOVE HUMBLENESS IN POEPLE!!! So does the Lord!! This is why I am soooooooooooo inlove with my husband!! As fine as he is, and he IS fine, he is not conceited by any means!! Even though he can easily be an a$$ because dumb b!tches are constanly trying to get at MY man! BUT THESE B!TCHES BETTER BACK OFF!! HE AINT GOIN NO WHERE!!! Anyway, good for you Kanye! 🙂

  • mzsweetface


    I really hope so. Those tantrums are annoying.

  • http://Bossip TVD

    Plus he’s missing Amber!!!

  • What the...

    Tribeca? Lol everyone is on their best behavior when TI handlers are in the building.

  • Let's talk truth...

    Dayum shame it takes south park for him to get his attitude in check. He checked his ignorance because people started closing their doors and not answering their phones in the music and fashion industry.

    Get yo azz together Kanye…stop acting like a dayum fool. Get ya mind right and stop looking for validation from people. You are among the rare and few who do what they want to do in life – and you choose to complain and have tantrums.

    Such ugliness. Good to see you going towards the humbleness.

  • Eryca K

    I think he just started taking his meds again. Prozac does wonders.

  • je$$i

    im just so happy he is bak to his usual self

  • tb

    Geeze…I can’t stand this man and I don’t even know him. ugh!

  • 11:11

    He looks great in that pic. Kanye is such a brat and I love it.

  • http://yahoo.com olskool

    In my opinion South Park never made’em and didn’t break’em. And it wasn’t really a dis, they just killed his charater off -kenney had many- it’s not what broke’em, it’s who…moms did! He didn’t get a chance to show her a better man in himself(publicly). We all should live as if it were our last, by that I DO MEAN POSITIVE!

  • BE

    I think it is because Amber Rose it wearing him out and he is too tired for all that foolishness.

  • Me

    I don’t kow about the behavior and social skills, this is a good look for him. Clean and fresh. That could sell clothes.

  • Justtoomuch

    I think it’s wonderful! I really wish him well!

  • http://www.bossip.com Toucheaway

    Good for him. Was it South Park? Doubt it. He’s just getting older, wiser. I remember reading somewhere in an interview where he talked about his loneliness. Maybe he’s giving up the child in himself and is ready to reach out as a grown man. Like I said, good for him!

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