Ain’t Isht Mommies: Lamar Sally Says “Deadbeat Mama” Sherri Shepherd Left Him And Their Surrogacy Baby On Welfare – “She Doesn’t Care One Bit”

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Sherri sounds worse than some of these ballplayers and rappers out here…

Lamar Sally On Divorce Drama With Sherri Shepherd

Still in the midst of their divorce drama, Lamar Sally has been telling anyone who will listen for five minutes all about his marital woes with Sherri Shepherd and how she’s completely abandoned their child via surrogate. He says his campaign (and his lawsuit) has nothing to do with money…he just wants Sherri to make good on their agreement to be parents to the child they planned for. Via MailOnline:

Even before Sherri Shepherd married Lamar Sally, she was begging to have a child with the Los Angeles-based scriptwriter.

‘I don’t want to be an old mother,’ the 47-year-old ex co-host of The View told him.

‘Actually, that is one of the reasons we married after only a year – because she was ready to do this,’ Sally told MailOnline in an exclusive interview. ‘I wanted to wait another year or two to get married but having a baby with me was so important to her I said OK, let’s do it.’

But Sherri’s eggs were not viable, so the couple decided on surrogacy, using Sally’s sperm and a donor egg. Their baby was born to a surrogate on August 5.
But Sherri wants no part of it.

And now Sally is embroiled in a nasty divorce battle with his estranged wife and the newborn is at the center of the conflict. Sherri wants nothing to do with the baby and furious Lamar is fighting for Sherri to take responsibility emotionally and financially for the child that she wanted so desperately.

As 44-year-old Sally croons to his son, Lamar Jr., he says he was blindsided by Sherri’s sudden departure from his life and her cold refusal to recognize their baby.

‘To this day, I cannot pinpoint one thing that caused us to split up,’ he tells MailOnline..’Honestly I do not know what happened. No one was cheating, we didn’t fight much and we didn’t have money problems.’

Sally says once Sherri was done with him, she was also done with this baby she was so desperate to have with him, with no explanation. Contrary to some rumors, Sally says the surrogate was a third party that neither he nor Sherri knew prior to their arrangement.

‘Finding the surrogate was a long process,’ Sally explains. ‘From the time we decided to do this and finding the right person took about 8 months. So that’s why I don’t understand why Sherri can say I duped her into this or that she is not responsible for this child. It’s mind boggling to me.

‘We went through an agency. You go on their web site and list your profiles and then we interviewed a few people.

‘The woman we finally selected is 5’10”, very athletic. She was once a volleyball player. She’s a vegetarian but was willing to drink protein shakes to make sure the baby would be healthy.

‘But while the surrogate was pregnant Sherri decided she wanted to get a divorce.

‘I was absolutely floored by that but then she decided she didn’t want the baby either.

‘Sherri told me, “it’s your sperm, not my egg so it’s YOUR baby”‘

‘It was like she had ripped my heart out of my chest, this was not the Sherri I knew and not the woman I fell in love with and married,’ Lamar says.

After the baby was born on August 5, Sherri did not want to know anything about him, didn’t want to see him and would not allow the baby to be on her SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) insurance even though Sally’s attorney claimed it could be ‘without prejudice,’ until their court case was finalized.
‘But she still said no,’ says Sally.

‘My attorney tried to convince Sherri that it would not reflect on the case at all and that it would not imply that she was taking responsibility as a parent to have the child on her insurance but she still refused and told me to get on Medicaid.

Sally ended up getting Medi-cal, California’s welfare program for health insurance,for the baby. The government is now going after the surrogate for child support.

‘Since Sherri’s name is not on the birth certificate by law the birth mother’s name is filed on the certificate.’

Lamar claims that the surrogate is being held responsible for helping him supporting the baby.

‘The surrogate is a single 23-year-old waitress, who has two children of her own, and now is being hit with this awful situation.

‘We paid her $30,000 to be our surrogate and it helped out her family a lot but now it’s becoming an awful burden and I feel horrible about it and Sherri doesn’t care one bit.’

‘Sherri just walked away from a marriage, a husband and a baby without looking back. And these are all of the things she said she wanted!

She recently offered $150,000 to make me go away but it was unacceptable. I want her to co-parent with me like we agreed.

‘Sherri is the one who initiated the surrogacy and we agreed to do this together, she wanted this child more than anything.

‘Sherri made $3 million last year and offers $150,000 for a lifetime of care for a child? No way, we’re going to court.

Damn…if everything he says is true, that’s pretty cold-blooded! Why would Sherri just dump a baby she “begged” and planned so extensively for on her ex-husband without reason? It doesn’t seem like everything with this version of events lines up too neatly…but we suppose stranger things have happened.

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