Just A Taste: 13 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Same-Sex Lovers

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13 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Same-Sex Lovers

You think you know about all of the secrets out there? These celebrities have had secret same-sex trysts that were only revealed much later. Learn something and prepare to be blown away.

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Richard Pryor – He admitted in his book that he had a relationship with a transgender for two weeks then he wanted to get back to women, then Quincy Jones told the world he was getting his comedy cakes smashed by the Godfather.

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Katharine Hepbrun – Her family disputes the claims but many in Hollywood have asserted that she was a lesbian in the 30s and 40s.

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Little Richard – He admitted to having a gay relationship in the 60s but he’s been with plenty of women.

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Hugh Hefner – He said he had a male lover for a while back in the day, too.

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Malcolm X – According to the biography there is speculation he had a relationship with a white male benefactor. The evidence is sketch at best, though.

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Julius Caesar – He had plenty of gay partners growing up before he became emperor.

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    James Dean – James Dean was known for having multiple secret gay lovers though he was a heartthrob to so many ladies.

    All The Spartana – They used to get it on all the time in preparation for battle.

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    Cary Grant – He had an infamous gay relationship that scandalized Hollywood.

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    Langston Hughes – There’s a huge debate, and some substantial “evidence” that Hughes had gay relationships in his day.

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    Rock Hudson – He was one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs but a taped recording had him explaining his homosexuality.

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    Clive Davis – He had a secret gay relationship he revealed later.

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    Andy Dick – People assume he’s gay but he’s just someone who’s been with men in the past.

    Drew Barrymore – She had relationships with women in her past that she revealed later.

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