Seen on The Scene: Meagan Good and Thomas Jones

- By Bossip Staff

P0sted by Bossip Staff

Meagan Good and Thomas Jones kicked it in Miami this past Thursday at a Headliner Market Group event at KARU&Y. The two were popping bottles all night with other NFL player/actress couple Sanaa Lathan and Chicago Bears DE Wale Ogunleye.

Sounds like a blast. Meagan and Thomas were definitely one of our favorite D-List couples of ’07, and we hope Thomas will remain blowing that back out throughout ’08.

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  • Jazzy

    Megan Goode so pretty!

  • Jazzy


  • Mz GA

    she cute……but wuteva……..but her man can get it from every angle.

  • Strong Black Man

    both couples doing their things

  • http://Comcast BigNBeautiful

    They would be a beautiful couple.

  • leave it be

    she is a very pretty girl

  • Moi

    Praise the Lord she’s changed out her earrings! Whooppieee!

  • Can I Leave My Nikes On? A.K.A. SBM

    I think she has Beyonce and rhianna combined….although she doesn’t compare on the talent tip, Meghan Good can do no wrong

  • cat4everrr

    i saw megan in the movie “one missed call” yesterday. my only question is why did they have to kill the cat

  • Jazzy

    @Cat the Chinese version is much better

  • bree

    Thomas checking for you

  • Ariona

    I think thomas is kind of cute

  • georgia peach in the big apple

    Megan Goode is so beautiful, but we seen Thomas Jones hollerin’ at other chicks at Lotus nightclub in NY

  • NubianGoddez

    Cute couple. now he just need to buy her ass a damn pocket book.

  • Curly Fries

    yeah, but is she carrying a purse?

  • playlist

    lmao “…blow her back out”

    hahaha i thought i was only brotha to say that

    anyway, where’s her purse yo?

  • Dining Diva

    Perhaps she has “people” to carry her goodies so that she stays light. That’s just my guess on why she never has a handbag.

  • tintin

    sanaa man is a cutie

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Would Meagan PLEASE get rid of the damned hoops?!

  • kai

    Tha mofo been usin proactiv..

  • Very Strong White Guy

    A black guy with a black woman? I’m shocked!

  • Curly Fries

    LOL @ Ruff Nekk. Damn bro, you got it like THAT?

  • Bet

    That’s got to be an unusual experience for Sanaa, dating a man who doesn’t already belong to someone else.

  • Sammy J. Parker

    SBM, she does@Meagan having Rihanna and Beyonce combined. She’s hardly ever wearing makeup and she’s flawless…I’m talking sans camera, sans Hollywood stylists, weaves, wands and pixie dust…she’s just an out-and-out striking girl.

    Clayton Bixby, you’re HILARIOUS!

  • rachel

    oh forgot 4.a ..weave and shampoo for wet dog smelling greasy stringy hair.

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