South Carolina Stand-Up!

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

By the look of things, Barack Obama has New Hampshire on lock:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in New Hampshire shows Barack Obama earning 39% of the vote while Hillary Clinton attracts 27%. The survey was conducted on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. All interviews were conducted after the Iowa caucuses and before last night’s debate.

After we win in New Hampshire, we have to make sure the Black churches in South Carolina don’t sell-out by taking dirty Clinton money like Magic Johnson.

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  • DROCK (Do we really need a Flava of Luv 3??)

    HOW BOLD AM I SITTING AT MY JOB (I work for a major union who supports Hillary) WEARING AN OBAMA SHIRT 🙂

  • Bird

    I don’t believe polls as I have never run across anyone who has participated in one in my life. We won’t know if Barack is winning in New Hampshire until after he wins. Don’t believe the hype.

  • Rebel78

    umm…unfortunately for some reason I think SC will go Clinton (can ya’ll say Sharpton, Jackson and $$$)..just SMH what some “reverends” will do for $$$

  • KuntaKinté

    @Bird after saying what you said about Polls, i am sure you still believe in God in any sort or form! LOL

  • Crap Talker...

    This is why the new school doesn’t respect the old school.

  • KuntaKinté

    But why everybody’s dismissing SC’s own Sen. Edwards?

  • Kimy

    All the best to Obama!

  • Leslie

    I hope Americans for once choose right. It seems the power of the USA is waning and they need a unifying leader to bring it together. Obama offers change, as well as, reinforces the idea that Black people are equals to the rest of the world. fingers crossed he gets nominated by the Democrats and then the white people of America vote for him in a general election.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    From the looks of things, NH is indeed rallying around Obama. One of our senior VPs is in Manchester and went to a rally on Sat. He said it was like attending Woodstock, folks parking and walking toward the venue like it was a pilgrimage. Got there and the place was jam packed, they had to use an overflow gymnasium. He’s also actually going door to door and says the response is good, he’s seeing skeptics turn into believers right before his eyes.

  • KuntaKinté

    “then the white people of America vote for him in a general election.” in the general election this will be a different thingy:

    His name doesn’t sound american, his middle name is hussein, he did drugs, he spent time in pakistan as youngster, etc… I can see all the negative adds they will run on Obama it is going to hugly, dirt and most of all bloody…

    So if for once we do not unite and back him up, then well yeah let’s give up the struggle!

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    I don’t give a what WHO votes, he’s not gonna win although I am gonna vote for him:)He’s not aggressive enough for this day and time IMHO like most Democrates, but I just can’t see myself as a Republican either. I guess its 6 of one and 1/2 a dozen of the other…..

    I knew the same about Bush/Gore but I still voted for Gore as well. yall see what happened right? Well, it will be WORSE this time around. THEY have ways of getting around the constitution and I don’t know why everyone is stuck on optimism instead of reality.

    To each their own though…..But he DEFINATLY won’t win most of the Bible Belt, that goes without saying.

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    @ Just Sit

    I support OBAMA 100% Hearing him speak is so uplifting and refreshing. I went to hear him speak when he was here in Philly and I swear it was like a breath of fresh air.

  • michael jackson's nose is really the holy grail!

    I usually like dark chocolate but Obama is O-bangin’!He could get it under the Oval Office desk any day!

  • crazy black lady

    if those black preachers stab this brother in the back, i’m not going to church no more! hillary doesn’t have any blacks in her inner circle. she represents more of the same. if whites can vote for

    a black, blacks can too….

  • uptowngirl

    Good luck to Obama. But let’s not take anything for granted. One state at a time.

  • KuntaKinté

    The problem is that there so many Uncle Ruckers (the old guy with corny eyes in the boondocks) out there, who will blame Obama from taking the white lady’s spot for the presidency, instead of being thankfull like Powell and ask her a seat in the cabinet as maybe Attorney General or State Secretary

  • Bindex

    The Audacity of hope,Hope in things unseen, hope in things that brings people together to get things done, hope for the betterment of a Nation, hope for peace security and progress,Hope for equality and justice, hope for a Nation healed,Hope that we can believe in,Hope that works,Hope that moves a Nation forward, Hope to dream again and acheive great things in life , the Audacity of hope, The great man Barack Obama

  • Bird


    @Bird after saying what you said about Polls, i am sure you still believe in God in any sort or form! LOL


    Are you comparing God to political polls? Let me know when the lightening strikes.

    The polls said Hillary was winning or neck and neck last week and yet she came in third.

  • AND...

    DROCK (Do we really need a Flava of Luv 3??)

    HOW BOLD AM I SITTING AT MY JOB (I work for a major union who supports Hillary) WEARING AN OBAMA SHIRT

    Get it gurl^^^^^^^

  • AND...


    I really think the white youth is standing up! They want change and so does the rest of America…and the republicans that are running are jokes! I was for Hiliary but its a 50/50 with her and Obama for me….

    You are right. They were saying in Iowa that the younger crowd is really doing it big. And that’s where Obama is really kicking ass. The youngers are giving him that edge. They were saying that the majority of the 18-24 crowd are for Obama.

  • kiki

    Speaking as an African-American woman who lives in SC, most people who I come into contact with at churh, work, or in a social setting Blacks and Whites are in support of Obama. Most of us believe that America needs a change in and Obama is that change!!!

  • coco

    Black people vote for this man please!!!!! Obama needs our vote!!!

  • Phoebe

    That’s what i like to here KiKi.

    Go Obama!!

  • Phoebe

    Say it COCO!!!!

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