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Look, if you haven’t figured it out… Bossip is not afraid to say, what everyone else is thinking. We think Michael “Gap Tooth” Strahan could be chopping down married Kelly Ripa’s cakes.

Turn the pages for all the clues and videos to back up our “Theory.”

1: Mandingo theory.

White girls, among all girls… Love a “mandingo” and Michael is one big strapping black-man.

2: The flirting and touching.

Sexual attraction is real and when you put yourself in those predicaments… Something is bound to happen.

3: The looks.

If you can… Peep the 4 second mark and please tell us what Kelly is looking at?

4: A Change of pace.

Kelly has been with her man for a minute… Some women need to spice up their relationship.

5:The wow factor.

People are always intrigued with what they don’t know and haven’t tried.

6: Kelly being such a… Petite piece of tail.

Kelly looks like an awesome spinner.

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7: That IT factor.

Some people have it… And despite people hating on his gap… Michael has it.

8: “Bet ya Man cant do it like thaaaat.”

Sorry, but Michael is built to tear through cakes… Unlike Conseuelo.

9: Midlife Crisis

Both of these 2 are trying to prove something… Why not prove it “to-geth-er?”

10: Women want what the other woman has.

Nicole Murphy is a big woman… And Michael has her cakes running back with no problem. Can you imagine what he can do to a small-tight-fit-supple little cake like Kelly’s?

11: The Swirl:

Opposites attract.

12: Some type of way.

Notice how Kelly always feels a little jealous when the other women guest talk about how they want the brother?

13: Kelly Ripa is a freak.

Yes, Kelly is a known freak in between the sheets.

14: Michael Strahan is a spooner and a nice guy.

He’s a gentlemen.

15: Because of this joke here…

This segment said so much… In so little time.



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