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Those Kardashians just won’t let none of their “friends” keep their men, huh?

Kendall Jenner Spotted With Willow Smith’s Rumored Boyfriend

Has Kendall swiped Willow’s older swirl-piece right from under her? That’s the word according to TheHollywoodGossip:

You probably best remember Moises Arias from the Willow Smith photo controversy a few months back. It was pretty creepy stuff and it even led to Will and Jada Smith being investigated by child protective services.

No charges were filed, but we imagine these days the Smiths keep a closer eye on their kids’ social networking accounts, and we hope that if Arias shows his face around their home Will promptly tosses him out the front door a la Uncle Phil and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

But while there was hopefully some tightening of the rules and a discussion or two about age appropriateness in the Smith household, Arias himself clearly didn’t learn a thing from the whole debacle.

In fact, he still enjoys posting highly questionable photos of online such as nude selfies and topless pics of Kendall Jenner.

Yes, Kendall is clearly his muse these days and she posted the above photo (the one on the left, thank God), with a caption about how Arias is the only one who “brings this out” in her.

Hmmm, wonder what else he’s bringing out in her?


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