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13 Good Reasons Why You’re Boo-Less

Finding love seems nearly impossible in 2014 where lies, deception and catfishy behavior are quite common everywhere. At times, you may have glimmers of hope and even luck up while millions of singles across the universe struggle to get past date #1 or even get a date with someone, anyone, worth dating.

Hit the jump for a must-see list of reasons why you’re single.

You “choose” to be single

Anyone who claims to be “single by choice” is lying. Why would anyone choose to sleep in a cold, lonely, sadness-scented bed, alone or have conversations with their dog (or cats) on bae-less Saturday nights?

Let’s be real, there’s nothing sadder than someone eating dinner at restaurants alone. Everyone deserves that special someone to share Cheddar Bay biscuits with. Why lie to everyone and yourself?

You’re stuck on your ex

So, you date new people, enjoy yourself then scamper over to your ex’s spot after the date to smash? The ex that you’re “done” with? The ex that your friends told you to leave alone? The ex who had you crying in auto-tune because they didn’t call on your birthday? That ex?

Here’s some free advice: Move. On. With. Your. Life.

You’re delusional

If someone asks why you’re single and you say “Because I can’t find anyone on my level who can handle me” or blame every breakup on your exes without ever taking accountability for anything, you are delusional.

We could be wrong, but maybe you’re single because you’re selfish, controlling, mentally-abusive, close-minded or boring and no one wants that negative energy in their life. Just sayin.

You’re a creepy weirdo who sends texts like this to women

You’re an attention-starved bird who posts screenshots of texts from men

You’re a stan

Are you a member of a feared terrorist organization like the BeyHive? If so, you probably scare every potential boo away. Fandom is cool but threatening the lives of complete strangers and their families for “dissing” your fave? SCARY.

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You’re “too busy” for dating

“Too busy” is a Top 5 LIE. You’re never “too busy” for anything and WILL make time for whatever you deem important. If you’re not leading marches in Ferguson, hunting down ISIS or performing in front of thousands every night, we doubt you’re that busy.

You aren’t using social media to win

Twitter is the best free dating service in the world. All you have to do is post a decent profile picture, be witty/interesting and you’ll attract followers (and possibly your future spouse) who will eventually message you. It’s really that easy.

You’re always at the wrong place, at the wrong time

Best places to meet potential boos? Targét, Publix, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, game night, dinner parties, music festivals and R&B/Soul/Jazz concerts.

You’re unemployed and/or car-less

Dating is expensive for men who are traditionally expected to pay on the first date. And by expensive, we mean $250/month (if you’re dating quality women). So yes, employment is highly-recommended because split checks or “can you pick me up?” aren’t very attractive.

You’re unattractive

According to a recent study, most people aren’t as physically attractive as they think which basically means that everyone should subtract 2 from whatever we rate ourselves.

In your mind, you may be an 8 who deserves someone in your league when, in reality, you’re really a strong 6 that looks more like “Ehh, I guess” than “Damn, you fine!”

You live in a city/town with a terrible dating scene

Some major cities have vibrant dating scenes with endless opportunities while others are hopeless havens of unhappiness (Richmond, Oakland, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philly etc.) where you’ll either be robbed mid-date, stalked or catfished before finding love.

You have horrible taste in music

Listen. If you ONLY listen to the radio there’s a very real chance that you’ll struggle to find love. For many, poor music taste is a deal breaker. No exceptions.




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