Poor Thang: Boobie Gibson Says He Became ‘Deeply Depressed’ After His Skripper Affair Ruined His Marriage With Keyshia Cole

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Daniel Gibson admits he almost lost his mind after losing his family!

Daniel Gibson Says He Became Depressed After Marriage Ended

Breaking up is hard to do, and Keyshia Cole’s estranged hubby Daniel Gibson said the end of their marriage led to depression.

Via S2S Magazine reports:

“I’ve learned through the depression I went through after losing Keyshia and I felt like [I lost] my son too in the sense that I couldn’t be with him every day. That whole thing took me into a deep depression, and in that depression I kind of found out a lot of things about myself.”

Though he went through a difficult time trying to accept and adjust to a life apart from his wife and son, Daniel said he realized life lessons through it.

“I think everything that happened to me, it happened for a reason. Because out of it all, it showed me what I really want. How to cherish and respect and all of the things I might have neglected or I might have not done well in my last situation,” said Daniel who admitted that he did cheat on Keyshia.

“There was an incident in the inside of our relationship where I was unfaithful to Keyshia. We tried to work it out like most people do,” he said.

Unlike some, Daniel said he did not turn to drugs or harmful vices to deal with his depression. He actually fasted from some of those normal “comforting” activities and found solace elsewhere.

“So [my son] was definitely my guiding light through it all but it was also faith,” said Daniel.

He’s on his way to being an eligible bachelor again, and Daniel said he’s most definitely interested in tying the knot again.

“Yeah. That’s me! I’m the type that wants a family. I want to have kids. Picket fence. All that. That’s me. So yeah, definitely, I want to have somebody that I can share life with. I feel like, that’s the highest level of happiness to me. When you’ve got somebody that’s riding with you and y’all can start your little family and stuff. That’s joy, that’s the pinnacle of happiness when you can make your accomplishments with somebody to share,” he said.

Do you think Keyshia will ever be able to forgive Boobie??

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