Tyrese’s Ex Gets Nothing..Nada…Zilch

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Looks like it’s the end of the line for Tyrese’s ex, Norma. Babydaddies around the world are rejoicing. SMH

According to the docs, Norma doesn’t get a piece of any of Tyrese’s possessions — not his production company, not his cars, not his house … nothing.

The prenup does state that Norma would get a lump sum of $50,000 for every year they were married — maxed out at 10 years. The couple was only married 10 months.

How’s this for brutal? The prenup says that if either side files for separation or divorce, Norma has to move out of the house within 60 days — or else Tyrese can get a court order to make her move out.

Norma’s from Great Britain, and word is her mother is very upset because she basically moved here to be with Tyrese. She supposedly has no friends or family here.

Damn…we’re sure that the child will be taken care of, but what is the wife really entitled to when the marriage is only 10 months long?


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  • ashlie

    This is funny

  • MS Rita Babie

    damn girl you shouldn’t had sign that prenup

  • Wanjiru

    …that this woman signed that pre-nup in the first place is an affront to the women’s movement, period.


  • Thrill


  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • mzsweetface

    Does she at least get child support? They have a baby together.

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • Wanjiru

    …OK, scratch that!…

    …that she ever married him to begin with calls into question both her mental and developmental abilities…


  • Wanjiru



  • http://www.ferdoza.blogspot.com Re (Gambit in 7 Days!)


    You gets, NATHAN! Sorry Norma love…but I’m sure her child is entitled to some money…just raise the girl right and be good parents.

  • Caramel Cat (formerly c from stl)

    Dang! Well that’s what happens when you sign a pre-nup. She gets nothing and their child gets taken care of. Given that they weren’t married long at all it’s not that big of a deal and she should just charge it to the game as a loss. All she should be worried about is their child being taken care of. B1tch get up off your azz and get a job or move back over the Britain…make a decision…

  • told you so

    not as great a day as when we found out about K. Fed and his deal but this is nice just as well…no greedy chicks get’n our money

  • http://www.lakers.com M-DADDY OAKLAND'S FINEST (I'M BAAAAACK!!!!!!)

    If you aint no punk say we want PRE NUP WE WANT PRE NUP!!!!!

  • tg

    Well Dang – what happened?

  • Caramel Cat (formerly c from stl)

    *move back over to Great Britain….typo 🙂

  • bored@work

    lol guess she should have tried to hold on two more months..

  • bride-to-be

    Shame on her!!! You should never follow a man and not have a back up plan. first and foremost you need to make sure no matter what you will be ok.

  • LawdhavMercythisshitis real

    wont get me like she got eddie lol Tysmart of u to hire some smart that are really about securing ya doe ..kudos Transformers changed ur bank account forever cant wait for TR2
    and shame on her for just letting go of everything to be with a rich american lol u thought u were being sneaky

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • Please People

    She deserves nothing….theses divorce settlements are getting out of hand!

  • JB the Cougar All-Mit-ee - Behold THE GREEN AND GOLD!!!!

    ALso the money is based on the actual anniversary date. She didn’t make it to 1 year.

  • Caramel Cat (formerly c from stl)


    Me thinks Tyrese got hip to her agenda. She saw a somewhat ‘well-off’ American actor and thought she had struck gold…think again heffa!

  • Dustin

    This is absolutely hilarious. This is what happens when women get blinded by the bling. This fool was so blinded by that delicious man, the obviouse amazing d and his money that she didn’t even think to cover her own ass. Trick didn’t even think to get a job.

    Good for you Tyty, that trick doesn’t deserve a damn thing. She clearly expected to just live nice and not do a damn thing. At least he got a beautiful seed out of her

  • Back on My Swag

    She should’ve read the pre-nup before signing!! Reading is fundamental…your wealthy fiance’s lawyer may not explain everything to you….Education is the key; Even for gold-diggers!

    If she is lonely in the US…move back to Britain…d@mn don’t she got direct deposit for her child support? She just want to stay here to be a pain in the @ss for Tyrese…poof, pow, be-gone…Black Ty will catch a jet to see his seed.

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