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So the courts support pedophiles? That’s whasup…SMFH

Teacher Asking Student To Be Sex Slave Cannot Be Fired Say Courts

Via NYDailyNews

A Manhattan court has told the Department of Education it can’t fire a veteran teacher at Brooklyn Technical High School — the same school where teacher Sean Shaynak was charged with sleeping with students — for telling a female student she could give him a “striptease.”

The department had argued to an appellate court that the remark to a 15-year-old sophomore girl was part of a larger pattern of “inappropriate, predatory and unrepentant behavior” by teacher Steven Ostrin that spanned decades.

Ostrin, 61, had been admonished and investigated repeatedly since the early 1990s about inappropriate behavior with students, the city said in court papers.

In March 2005, a student identified only as G.O. reported that in addition to the striptease remark, Ostrin had given her a hug and a kiss and said she could be his “little sex slave.”

She said he also warned her not to wear “skimpy clothes” because it would excite him.

Ostrin was barred from the classrooms after that but officials didn’t immediately press charges against him because it had doubts about the credibility of the 15-year-old girl.

Of course, because there’s NO WAY a teacher could POSSIBLY want to chop down a tender young pupil, right? SMFH.

The teacher continued to collect his salary as his case crept through the disciplinary process.

A hearing officer ruled that Ostrin’s “sexual banter” and “smutty remarks” didn’t indicate he was trying to solicit sex from the student. The officer imposed a six-month suspension.

The city challenged the ruling, but it was upheld in a 2012 court decision. The Department of Education challenged that, too, but the Appellate Division ruling released this week unanimously upheld the lower court decision.

The city Law Department said it’s reviewing its options.

Ostrin is now retired on a disability pension. He spoke to the Daily News from behind the closed door of his Long Island home.

Sick sad world. We gotta clean up all these positions of authority that have been corrupted by teachers, cops, and judges. Everybody gotta go!

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