New Year’s in Houston

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We know it’s been a week since New Year’s eve, but pictures from those festivities keep surfacing. Letoya Luckett kicked it in Houston with her on-screen boyfriend Houston Oilers’ Will Demps and her real-life boyfriend Slim Thugg.

Who knew pretty boys could guzzle down a bottle of Patron like that?

More pics of Will Demps under the hood…

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  • PrettyMissSunshine

    That party looked boring as hell!!! and who is Ghetto-iesha in the back of Slim Thug chuckin the duece?

  • Can I Leave My Nikes On? A.K.A. SBM

    Poor Will Demps didnt have a chance. Thats Slim Thug’s female…And once again if you have no visible blemishes you will look gay..Cut yourself shaving or something!

  • PrettyMissSunshine


  • Fabulosity

    Is it just me or do Will Demps’ arms look mad short?

  • PrettyMissSunshine


    why did you take the picture down of you and the devil? I liked that one!! lol

    Im starting already!! luv you boo!!! lol

  • LDnDallas

    Will Demps is fyneee.

  • Kimy

    Letoya needs some good producers on her next album. I know she can sing!

  • StilettosnSmiles

    She really should have Beyonce’s shine!! I always thought she was the best DC memeber!!

  • Glamour Diva

    LOL HOUSTON OILERS????? Okay I know no one gives a damn about Houston (Apparently, Atlanta is the ONLY city in the south) but the “Houston Oilers” left town YEARS ago, moved to Tennessee and changed their name to the Tennessee Titans! We got a new team now and the name is The Houston Texans. Will plays for them.

  • vjhe


    Atlanta is the ONLY city in the south? Bite your tongue honey.

  • Huh?

    @ Glamour Diva

    Thanks for pointing that out! LOL

    (shaking head)

  • Kimy

    Will is definately fine!

  • Mz GA

    Damn the last time I checked they were the TEXANS

  • Bahama Mama

    um ew. I would so take demps ova slim thugga…but that is just me.

  • Huh?

    And yes he short arms…Thats why he isn’t playing for the Giants anymore…He was terrible here!

  • Blacksmith

    This man is so easy on the eye.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Drinking hard liquor straight from the bottle is so gauche…

  • Bird

    It looked like a nice party to me. LaToya, Slim, Demps and the like got to really shine since they didn’t have to compete with the crowd that was in Miami and Vegas. That’s the way to do it.

  • shimmyshimmyya

    Dammit!! I was in Houston for New Year’s and was trying to go to that party!! Does anyone know if it was live or not? I ended up on Main Street…not too bad, but not where Will Demps was!!!

  • anonymous

    @ Just sit and be pretty

    i hear you!! drinking hard liqour from the bottle is SO 1990’s!

  • imrightdammit

    Will can hit it every day, and twice on Sunday….

  • Smartie

    Mary you’re killing me with the Cafe thing. I love Slim and Toya together; hope there’s a wedding soon.

  • bobshfdfg

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  • andie

    Will Demps is so beautiful.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @andie…will demps is beautiful! however, He does look a tad bit suspect to me.

    I love slim thug’s southern drawl!

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