Faith Evans: “Maybe”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is the new single from Faith called “Maybe”. We haven’t heard from her in a minute. With the Neptunes on board, does she have a hit on her hands?

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  • athena

    Don’t care

  • Deeboi



    The song is aight! I actually like Faith I think she is very underrated. She has such a smooth great voice. But sometimes I just want her to sing sing like she’s in church cause I know she can.

  • Marsha

    Its okay….It might grow on me, but she sounds good as uaual

  • mslively6

    i think it’s great to see Faith back at it, with the shortage –or virtual non-existance of REAL female vocalists in the industry these days (aside from Chrisette Michele and Beyonce), her reappearance is refreshing.

    it sounds like this song was created specifically with her in mind. sounds good to me.

    peace & love.

  • Deeboi

    Now time for my comment…the song is very Mary J-esque. Not really feeling it. The saxophone part is corny…BOO to the Neptunes. And at 2:18 it just sounds like cats caught in the middle of a tribal rain dance……………


    Track is ok…I guess…I heard it on

  • dayg715

    finally! my girl is back!! love the song!

  • The One

    Not a hit at all. Better luck next time.

  • tintin

    its okay but the lyrics are real bland plus this sounds like the 702 song pharrell produced years ago with the bells. I don’t know sounds a little too young.

  • Carolyn

    this song sucks ass!!! FAITH TRY HARDER NEXT TIME

  • Rebel78

    she looks like the PR girl for Derwin on The Game

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    I like it. I don’t love it but I do like it. I can hear the similarity to 702’s song “I still love you” But this song is very melodic and catchy. I am not a faith fan AT ALL, but I think she might have a winner with this one.

  • ifokust


    C’mon Faith….you was my favourite!!!!

    Keyshia Cole has this r&b thang on luck for 2008 I guess.


    i like it. sounds like 702s ‘i still love you’.

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    – 12:30 pm MURDA

    i like it. sounds like 702s ‘i still love you’.


    EXACTAMUNDO!!! This sound went out with the 90’s and she MUST step her game up. But I did enjoy her last album so maybe she will take in the negative feed back, push her album back and re-record some track.

  • iluvprada

    Yeah…I would have 2 agree wit ya’ll, on this track sounding 2 much like 702’s…Love You. Better luck next time.

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    @ oh f@ck that

    Damn, I aint never seen anyone put the actual time the comment was made. You wanted murda to know it was him/her that made that comment at 12:30 exactly!!! lol

  • iluvprada


  • Free MJB

    This is wack. she got to do better!!

  • Vito

    I love Faith, but this song is not moving. “Maybe” it will grow on me.

  • Free MJB

    Looks like Danielle is a stan

  • Bonifant

    although it sounds like it was recorded in the 90s hey thats the Faith music we love and fiend for.

    This is gonna be a hit and played a lot during those quiet storm radio shows

  • my gurl!!!


  • Keisha

    Didn’t listen to the song but she looks GOOD!!! Don’t dig the tattoos though. I remember when she first came out I didn’t like her because of the whole Biggie/2Pace thing(I was a notorious fan) and I use to call her Fat-Ass Faith but the last couple of years I had to give it to her!!!

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