Give This Sh*t Up Officer Ricky!

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Rick Ross is determined to look like a certified @ss in every one of his interviews. In his latest blunder, he talks in circles and gets checked by a Chicago radio personality who tells him “50 is gettin’ in that @ss.”

Trey: You’re doing the smart thing by getting these big radio artists. That’s what puts you on the radio and that’s what sells records.
Officer Ricky: I sell records and we work together. Coming from Medillin, Columbia, you know, I’m in a great mood, my brother.
Trey: 50 is posing with your babymoms in pictures, embarrassing you and what not. You cool with that?
Officer Ricky: Of course, that’s the little ones, my brother. When you say 50 Cent trying to embarrass me, I don’t if you in touch with what’s going on in the streets.
Trey: I have an entertainment reporter that reports this everyday and she tells us how he’s really getting at you.
[entertainment reporter chimes in]
Entertainment Reporter: So you think you’re winning the beef?
Officer Ricky: Oh, I’m not?
Trey: Naw, dawg. But if we put music together, you’re really killing it on the music side. But with this personal WWF match, he’s really getting in your ass, man.
Officer Ricky: That’s your opinion and that’s cool. You’re entitled to that. But, if you look at Billboard charts, there’s only one of us that’s firing with a bullet.
Trey: Ok, last question, who would sell more records between you and 50 cent?
Officer Ricky: I mean he’s had a great past and it’s not about who sells more records.
Trey: It actually is, because you’re musical artists. That’s all that matters.
Officer Ricky: Of course it is. But, I say if he sells 10 million once, but I sell 1 million tens times, what’s the difference, my brother.

Dude, your music is actually pretty good. Why won’t you focus on that instead of this menial bullsh*t with no cents?!

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  • KiDd FRE$H

    hahahahahah 1st.!!!!! give it rossy!!!!

    follow the KiDd on TWITTER…. KiDd_LEGEND on twitter!!!!

  • nolia.slim

    I’m no 50 Stan,but i thought the radio station was extremely biased and unprofessional.

  • the insider

    … Yawn… NEXT!

  • *Living lovely*


  • K.C.

    he should have never lied about being a corrections officer i couldve respected him for tellin the truth but i dont kno about him anymore

  • B.I.N.F.L...


  • B.I.N.F.L...


  • B.I.N.F.L...


  • Luv-Lee

    @ B.I.N.F.L…
    LOL!!! Im sorry to get at ur Boo so hard…I just dont like him. He mean!!! And its funny to see KARMA come back around at people who deserve it!! But you cool peoples though!!! 🙂

  • Yuh Mudda Punani

    Only sells matter to a musical artist? Then he ain’t no damn artist he’s a hoe for that doe. I was wondering when Curtis would say something about ole I don’t want no beef just a few duckets to buy me a real chain ross. He has friends, who really care.

  • Izzymom

    Y are so many people catching feelings in the comments section today…lol. The radio guy was right though, Ross is winning musically but 50 killing him otherwise and he’s funnier. At the end of the day Ross already made himself look stupid a long time ago and everybody knows 50 is a bully so nothing was really accomplished with this so called beef. They should both shut the hell up and just make records!

  • Luv-Lee



    Whats up Tre the Choklit Joc. Power 92.3 always keeps it real. rick ross needs 2 be shut down he’s an imposter.


    @Josh U r wrong 4 sayin that.


    50 lost. The radio station and this website are funded by 50 cent. That’s why they are dying to see ricky lose. Rick Ross is from the streets and he was just a c.o when he was 18 and now he’s 33. wtf happened to professionalism. The person who wrote this should just be fired. Leave it to the people to judge and do you 10 dollars an hour job.

  • U Stupid

    Ross is still in denial… and really, Ross’ music isn’t that great, nice beats but c’mon, the raps?!

  • me (the original)®

    >>Trey: Naw, dawg. [b]But if we put music together, you’re really killing it on the music side.[/b] But with this personal WWF match, he’s really getting in your ass, man.<<

  • me (the original)®

    How do you bold stuff on this board? Regular HTML tags don’t work?

  • me (the original)®

    Anyway, what I quoted, in between the [b]old tags is what’s important.

    Ross is killing it musically.

    Seriously, who cares what his baby’s mommas are doing. And even the CO crap, so f’in what? He had a legit job. OOOH HOW HORRIBLE. I guess he should have been at the welfare office hustling us tax payers out of our hard earned money while making a killing slinging caine. Rolling up to the grocery store in a Benz and using food stamps to pay for it. Yeah, that’s MUCH better. *roll eyes*

    Don’t get me wrong, I like 50..but I need to hear some music from him. Ross’ Mafia Music disses were better than 50’s Rick Ross disses (and no, I don’t mean Yayo and Lloyd Banks..I mean *50*..Tia Told Me was okay but not that good.)


    Hi me(the original), whats wrong with you ? Nothing is wrong with the fact that he had a regular job I think its the fact that the lyrics in his songs r not matching the actual lifestyle that he was ACTUALLY living be 4 he signed his deal and sold out and did pretty much what everybody else in the rap game is doing. talkin about how gangsta they r, money hoez clothes bank rolls guns, labels they wear, drugs, etc. I guess I feel like if it aint really what u did why u lyin. Y he lie about bein a C.O. in the 1st place.

  • whatsyoursecretdesireDOTcom

    Instead of switching the face…why didn’t he put his real body in that suit!?!!! HAHA

  • cheeseGrits

    no grits for either of them!

  • D-Ruck

    I think he should have to face the consequence of his actions everyday. The same way you would look at your boy wrong if he stole $5 out ya wallet and then lied about it when you know he did it. You wouldn’t trust this ya boy around your cash no more, even if he was a good rapper. So why let this negro have a pass? Point blank he is a liar. If he didn’t feel his image was gonna be threatened, he would have told the truth. If somebody said “we got pics of you holding guns or weight back in the day” he woulda hopped right up and took the credit, even if the picture was “photoshopped”. Still to this minute he talking Medellin Columbia. Even though the Medellin ain’t what it used to be, they ain’t really gonna show this cat no love, like he was with them. Real recognize real and from the school of hiphop I went to, fake ones get smashed. Vanilla Ice was exposed as a liar and a fake to. Them checks stopped coming. Rick is a fake. He may have put out a classic album, but hell, I’ll never know cause I don’t f*ck with grown me who got to lie to a grown man.

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