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Rick Ross is determined to look like a certified @ss in every one of his interviews. In his latest blunder, he talks in circles and gets checked by a Chicago radio personality who tells him “50 is gettin’ in that @ss.”

Trey: You’re doing the smart thing by getting these big radio artists. That’s what puts you on the radio and that’s what sells records.
Officer Ricky: I sell records and we work together. Coming from Medillin, Columbia, you know, I’m in a great mood, my brother.
Trey: 50 is posing with your babymoms in pictures, embarrassing you and what not. You cool with that?
Officer Ricky: Of course, that’s the little ones, my brother. When you say 50 Cent trying to embarrass me, I don’t if you in touch with what’s going on in the streets.
Trey: I have an entertainment reporter that reports this everyday and she tells us how he’s really getting at you.
[entertainment reporter chimes in]
Entertainment Reporter: So you think you’re winning the beef?
Officer Ricky: Oh, I’m not?
Trey: Naw, dawg. But if we put music together, you’re really killing it on the music side. But with this personal WWF match, he’s really getting in your ass, man.
Officer Ricky: That’s your opinion and that’s cool. You’re entitled to that. But, if you look at Billboard charts, there’s only one of us that’s firing with a bullet.
Trey: Ok, last question, who would sell more records between you and 50 cent?
Officer Ricky: I mean he’s had a great past and it’s not about who sells more records.
Trey: It actually is, because you’re musical artists. That’s all that matters.
Officer Ricky: Of course it is. But, I say if he sells 10 million once, but I sell 1 million tens times, what’s the difference, my brother.

Dude, your music is actually pretty good. Why won’t you focus on that instead of this menial bullsh*t with no cents?!



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