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Can’t be too safe!

Full-Pelvic Condom Released For Added Safety

Fellas: Ever lay down with a lady so questionable you weren’t even sure a condom was enough? Well an Atlanta-based firm has just the answer for you. Peep the infomercial:

Via The Daily Dot:

For millennia, mankind has been working on developing a smaller, more effective, less intrusive barrier method than the traditional condom. Yet one Atlanta-based manufacturer has managed to reverse the evolution of male contraception in one fell swoop with the Scroguard, a giant jockstrap that covers not only your penis during sex, but your pelvis and scrotum as well.

Basically, the Scroguard is a giant latex Mormon diaper with a little hole poked through for your member. It’s intended as a barrier method that “comfortably reduces skin-to-skin contact during sex in the genital areas not covered” by a traditional peen sheath.

To a certain extent, the Scroguard isn’t totally insane: Although condoms offer a fair amount of protection against STIs, it’s still possible to contract some STIs, like herpes, via skin-to-skin contact, even if a condom is being used. The Scroguard is also intended to be “lightweight” enough to not prove cumbersome or irritating during sex (though we can certainly imagine the sound of rhythmically squeaking rubber would serve as a form of contraception in itself.)

That having been said, the Scroguard is not FDA-approved, nor is it particularly sexy, unless you have a latex fetish and/or a particularly bad case of OCD.

Seriously, guys — if you have these many concerns about the pestilence and hellfire that could possibly be swirling between your partner’s legs…maybe it’s best to just keep your pants on altogether? Read a book or something instead.




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