Question of the Day: Why Do Rappers Hide Their Education?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Going to college is not a thing to look down upon, so why do so many rappers downplay their college degrees? Last summer we found out that so-called goon, Plies, went to college yet he rarely mentions it in interviews. Imposter Rick Ross also went to college, yet he insists on being a fake @ss drug lord.

What the f*ck is wrong with our community when people are running around saying, “Damn, I hope nobody finds out that I went to college….oh, but make sure to tell everyone I was locked up.”

F*ck a thug. Discuss.

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  • JoeyPorsche

    because a bachelors in sociology doesnt count for shit.

  • sarah


  • gemini


  • gemini

    damn ya’ll… next time…

  • duece duece


    you damn right

  • Touche

    I think it is because in the hood it is not masculine to be smart and educated. In some African American households, education is not revered; therefore, some brothers shy away from things that make them appear “soft.” While most African American mothers understand the value of an education, and they really want their sons to get an education, in some cases, it is peer pressure and the media’s influence that prevent them from pursuing a college degree. What some brothers miss is that women find an intelligent man very attractive and powerful.

  • Jay

    Touche hit it right on the head….most fellas in the hood equate being smart with being weak.

  • Jay

    Jenny go sit down with that “White Man’s World” comment you just made… Sounds like you need to get an education yourself if that is how you see our world. The opportunities are there now for every man and every woman in our country, regardless of skin color, to achieve great things.

  • TruthBeTold

    Lets be real for a minute…Agency Heads (they guys on top of Jay Z, Jermaine Dupree, and Diddy) Do Not care to promote an “educated” rapper, after all what could they possible have to say thats entertaining. If it aint about spending money on ice, cars, & clothing why would people listen? Thats what they think.right.. Why would Plies or any other rapper brag about getting an education & owning something other than a record lable? Because its too influential on the youth, it Plies started rapping about buying real estate instead of RIMS, all the little black boys in the hood woud be RICH! & Industry Leaders know it, even the Jay-Z’s & “Officer Rickys” of the industry know it…but what do they promote other than Luis Vuttion, Ace, Cocain Sells, Abusing Women, Expensive Cars (that they rent themselves) & Sleeping around with numerous people?..I’ll wait…..Oh yeah let me not forget the occasional Obama shoutout or tribute hmp..They are playing on the weak minded & the more they are exposed the BETTER!

  • Teeheart

    I think it sad because our children (lil boys which will one day be men) think rapping an a thug life is all some rappers do, maybe if they knew they went to college an got an education they would feel the same…I personally love to know that these men went to college… em fake if you wannna they just making money an that aient fake……

  • Sydney™


    “I think it is because in the hood it is not masculine to be smart and educated. In some African American households, education is not revered; therefore, some brothers shy away from things that make them appear “soft.””

    I agree with this statement, but I think this problem also spans beyond the “hood” and is indicative of a larger cultural condition. Somehow, anti-intellectualism has gained a strong foothold in our community, and being a “thug” is somehow seen as having more clout than being a college graduate, or an erudite individual. Some view erudition as somehow “selling out” and being something unnatural, even associated with other cultures, i.e. “acting/sounding white.”

    And, sadly, it has proven to be profitable to downplay education in favor of promoting materialism, promiscuity, and violence in popular media, and the effects on youth are apparent. Too many kids aspire to be athletes and rappers — we need more doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc. I actually found out about Plies’ education through comments on a blog — think how influential he could truly be if he promoted his own college experience in his music, versus “goonettes” (or whatever the term is) and “bust it babies.”

  • slizzie

    Just shows you how stupid and ignorant our community is man. It’s very sad

  • dennis

    Because they are stupid.

  • dennis

    Our community is a shame. I am so embarrassed

  • Angee

    This is a damn shame, to think someone would go to college, get a degree and then decide to hide it so people would think you were cool!!

  • yessir

    Plies has a master in engineering! that’s crazy

  • JoeyPorsche

    also, i want to add that Rick Ross must’ve been a retard to go to college to take a job as a corrections officer.

  • K.C.

    they are only worried about what sells

  • DIVA1986


  • ShavonDenise

    I mean alot of people “went” to college but who actually finished?? Its actually more embarrassing not to get a degree. The rappers that actually graduated from college might be the ones that you want to question yet most of them are intellegent anyway so you can actually tell and most of them dont talk about jail much. I dont think its that deep. Rock & roll stars dont sing about degrees so I think as a Black community we dig too deep into stuff.

  • Mock Rock Star

    It seems as if they’ve gotten their education to either fall back on if their rap careers fail or they are smart enough to know that they can manipulate people while they’re in front of a mic…it’s entertainment…selling people a lie.
    I wish more parents would really take the time to invest in their childrens future instead of leaving the decision up to them. One more thing I would like to add though, I remember hearing alot from older black people this comment: Just because a person has a degree doesn’t mean they can find a good job. That comment used to frustrate me because it used to always come from people who didn’t have a degree 😦

  • Bianca

    They’re both frauds. Plies doesnt even talk like he raps, its a facade. Rick Ross is the biggest fraud weve seen thus far. FYI GOONS/THUGS DONT GO TO COLLEGE!

  • Negrodamus Believes(It's a Negro's World, Ya'll Just Breathe In It)

    “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” is a great book. Basically poor white trash is equivilent to middle class african-americans when it comes to education levels.

  • erica

    Come on people. This is a stupid post. I have a bachelor’s degree, but I don’t mentioned in every situation and conversation I have. What does his education have to do with rapping? He not applying for a job. He already got a job: sh*tty rapper no education required. His education is unneeded and not worth mentioning.

  • Luv-Lee

    @ erica
    I hear what you are saying, but just think if thses rappers were more vocal about their education instead of how much ice they got, or how many caps they bust, think about how that would influence these impressionable kids. Just imagine if 50 cent (of all people LMAO) were to brag about how smart he is instead of how many guns he owned. As much as he has influenced the youth to be violent thugs, he can encourage them in another direction.

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