Permed Up Al’s Lawyer Who Is “Hung Like A Cashew” Being Investigated For Sexually Assault On Aide After Sharpton’s Birthday Bash

- By Bossip Staff

Poor permed up Al has a whole lotta drama in his camp right now!

Al Sharpton’s Lawyer Sanford Rubenstein Accused Of Raping His Top Aide

Turns out that the aftermath of his 60th birthday party has been pretty terrible.

According to NY Post reports:

Sanford Rubenstein is accused of raping a 42-year-old woman — a top aide to Sharpton — while she was passed out drunk in his apartment early Thursday.
Rubenstein and the woman had both partied earlier at Sharpton’s star-studded bash at the Four Seasons restaurant.

On Monday, cops hauled a mattress and about a dozen large brown paper bags full of items from Rubenstein’s penthouse as part of their probe.

At least one bag was labeled “biological evidence,” and a source close to the case said Rubenstein’s bedsheets and clothing were among the items taken.

In a sign of how seriously the NYPD is taking the case, Deputy Chief Michael Osgood, who runs both the Hate Crimes Task Force and Special Victims Division, personally supervised the search.

In other words, Sandy could be in real deep trouble, especially because most of the “word on the street” about this guy is that he’s got plenty of character flaws, particularly his voracious appetite for women:

“The guy’s hung like a cashew,” a source said Monday of Rubenstein, with a neighbor adding that the 70-year-old lawyer relies on amenities such as stretch limos to attract women.

He is frequently seen squiring around women barely out of their teens, the longtime neighbor said.

“Not the kind of women you’d expect. He uses the penthouse and the limo to [attract] them,” said the neighbor outside Rubenstein’s East 64th Street building.

“Every time I see him, he wants to tell me about his latest ménage à trois. It’s all about sex with this guy. He’s a real p- - -y hound.”

So much of a p-hound that he’s pretty famous at the local shakey butt clubs:

In describing Rubenstein’s wild side, a source said he is a regular at a “low-life, after-hours strip club” in Hell’s Kitchen that specializes in black and Hispanic dancers who are “very muscular” and “covered in tattoos.”

Rubenstein, who was at the club two months ago, either brings women to the club or picks them up there — usually focusing on those 5-foot-11 or taller, the source said.

“One time, the owner of the club said to me, ‘Hey isn’t this guy some famous lawyer?’ ” the source recalled.

“He was all dressed up in a scarf and suit and was dancing with a gal who looks like she can knock out Mike Tyson.”

Sources said Rubenstein used to spend so much time at jiggle joint Scores that all the strippers there knew him by name.

“Every girl would be like, ‘Hi Sandy!’ ” a source said.

Rubenstein was such a fan of Scores that he even asked an artist friend to produce a series of paintings commemorating the place — with one showing Rubenstein getting a rubdown, a source alleged.

There’s plenty more, including details about Rubenstein bragging he let former Rockland County DA Ken Gribetz borrow his penthouse to have cross-dressing sex slave sessions there.We also thought it was interesting he has hired Benjamin Brafman, the same lawyer who helped get former French IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn get off after a hotel maid accused him of rape a few years ago.

As for the victim, Kenneth Montgomer, the lawyer representing the rape accuser blasted sources close to Rubenstein who leaked allegations that the pair had twice engaged in consensual sex in his apartment:

“We live in a city where powerful suspects have used their power to discredit an individual,” said the woman’s lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery.

“She’s having a tough time seeing her character be assassinated. . . . She did not have consensual sex with Sanford Rubenstein, ever,” he added.

We realize you can’t judge a book by its cover but this guy looks — and sounds — like a total slimeball.


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