Pedo Files: Sick Australian Teacher Tattoos Name Of 10-Year-Old Student She Wanted To Smash On Her Chest

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This is horrible

Teacher Tattoos Name Of 10-Year-Old Student On Her Chest

An Australian court is hearing testimony from the parents of a 10-year-old boy who was reportedly “groomed for sex” by his teacher.

The 47-year-old instructor who allegedly propositioned the boy at her house, also tattooed his name and the infinity symbol on her chest.


The reports:

Convinced she was in love with her 10-year-old student, primary school teacher and mother of eight Diane Brimble had his name and the infinity symbol tattooed on her chest, a court has heard.

The boy’s mother told the County Court on Monday that Brimble had “hurt him in his heart” after Brimble had groomed him.

The mother said while her daughters would draw rainbows and unicorns, he drew black pictures of knives and death.

She felt sickened as a mother that Brimble’s offending was “under the guise of motherly love”.

“The commemorative tattoo etched into her body of my child’s name in the symbol of infinity coupled with her belief in spells and spirits makes me convinced that she truly believes she is meant to be united in dreams for eternity,” the boy’s mother said in a victim impact statement read to the court.

The boy’s father said his son believed “this horrible woman” had cast a spell on him which meant anything he heard or saw she could hear and see too, which was why he refused to look at his parents or talk about what Brimble had done.

Brimble, 47, of Hamilton, appeared in the County Court on Monday for a pre-sentence hearing after a jury sitting in Warrnambool found her guilty of one count of committing an indecent act with a child under 16 between January 1 and April 19, 2013.

Judge Mark Taft said Brimble had hugged the boy at her house and asked him if he wanted to sleep with her.

The boy asked her what she meant and she said, “sex.” The boy pushed Brimble’s hands away as she kissed him on the cheek and told him she loved him.

He told his teacher he was not old enough to have sex but Brimble told him, “You are when you are at my house.”

“It is an unusual case. I find Ms Brimble’s conduct as bizarre as any I have ever seen in a courtroom,” Judge Taft said.

The boy’s mother said she was proud of her son for rejecting Brimble’s sexual advances.

What a crazy story!

What do you think should be the punishment for this teacher????

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