Can’t Deny it: 15 Times Raven Symone Looked Black And Still Winning To Us

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What a cute little black girl!

Can’t Deny it: 15 Times Raven Symone Looked Black And Still Winning To Us

Raven Symone has certainly opened up the dialogue about the importance or unimportance of identity in America. In her sit down interview with Oprah she said she didn’t identify with being “African American” or “Gay”. She prefers the titles of “human” and “American,” both of which are still labels but just less narrow descriptions of who she is.

This is ironic coming from “Olivia”, the witty preschool child that got her start on one of the most groundbreaking black television programs in network history — someone who had a rap album, rocked Kente cloth and gleamed about her “Afro” on instagram.

It seems that being black has helped her get ahead this far, why change that? We also predict that owning your orientation could do the same thing. Agreed? See 15 times Raven looked black and still winning to us after the jump.

When she was one of the youngest kids to cover Jet, described as the number 1 African-American newsweekly.

And when she was a young adult on Jet, saying she wouldn’t change for fame.

Raven dances in front of an Apollo back drop with Bill Cosby on a syndicated TV show. This is a win, win, win situation.


What a cute little black girl!



Yea Raven, you so crazy.


We wonder from which side of American she got her comedy style and attitude? It certainly worked to her benefit.

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    Nice “afro”.


    This style and flair didn’t come from thin air.

    Nice braids!



    Again with the Afro-selfies.


    Being interviewed by the richest black woman in America.


    Showing off her rainbow colored hair extensions.



    Rocking her natural hair next to Mickey Mouse.


    And on the red carpet doing this.

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