He Wants That Old Thing Back: Lamar Odom Begs Frenchie-Free Khloe To Film Another Season Of Reality Show To Fix Their Relationship

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The couple that stacks reality checks together…

Lamar Odom Wants Another Season Of Reality Show With Khloe

Well, we have to hand it to Lamar — he certainly knows the way to a Kardashian’s heart. Exhausted of all other options (and income streams, it appears) Lamar has resorted to baiting his estranged wife back with the proposition of re-starting their KUWTK spin-off, Khloe & Lamar. Is hopping back into the limelight the answer to their MULTITUDE of issues? Via HollywoodLife:

Lamar Odom, 34, is reportedly changing his life and habits in hopes that Khloe Kardashian, 30, will reunite with him. Now, HollywoodLife.com has learned that Lamar thinks doing another TV show with Khloe “would be good therapy” and could “save their marriage.”

Lamar and Khloe starred in a reality show together, aptly titled Khloe & Lamar, in 2011 and 2012. We’ve learned that Lamar has told Khloe he wants to reunite and do another show together… as a couple!

“Lamar is chilling and not thinking about anything but getting Khloe back,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “He’d do anything for her. Anything. He’d love to do their Khloe & Lamar reality show again now that he has the time. He wants that. He wants that for many reasons.”

Lamar thinks a show could help he and Khloe mend their complicated relationship.

“He thinks it would be good therapy for he and him and Khloe. He’s even brought this up to her too,” our source says.

“He told her doing the show this time around would show her and himself that’s he ready to be open and honest, to put his feelings and heart out on the table and to prove to her that he’s ready to be part of her world and her family’s empire that he once took for granted.” Wow — sounds like Lamar has really thought this through!

“Lamar’s serious, he thinks that this could save their marriage and make them a strong unit. And it would be an instant cash flow for them. He wants his team back — and by that I’m not talking about basketball, I’m talking the Khloe and Lamar team,” our source says.

Could the added stress of public scrutiny in front of reality lenses serve as good thearapy for these two…or is this just another Kardashian divorce disaster waiting to happen? Most importantly — would you tune in??

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