Don’t Panic: Texas Scientists Say Germ-Killing Robot Zaps Away Ebola In Under Two Minutes

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Scientists Say Germ-Blasting Robot Can Fight Ebola

We might not need to order protective gear or walk around in plastic bubbles quite yet. Texas scientists say many hospitals already have the key to zapping away the deadly Ebola virus before it reaches pandemic status. Via WTSP:

A local invention may turn out to be a key piece of technology in the fight against Ebola. It’s a robot used by hospitals to disinfect and destroy bacteria and viruses.

Meet “Little Moe” the germ-zapping robot.

“What’s inside here is a xenon bulb,” said Mark Stibich, PH.D.

That bulb emits powerful UV light, which fuses the DNA of a virus and kills it. This powerful technology is now being used in 250 hospitals across the U.S. Little Moe was developed in the Alamo City by Xenex. Its customers include the University Health System in San Antonio and the Dallas hospital where doctors are treating the first man ever diagnosed with Ebola in America.

Dr. Mark Stibich with Xenex said these robots can rid a hospital room of germs in 5 minutes and destroy Ebola on any surface in 2 minutes.

Dr. Stibich said while the Ebola virus is causing a lot of concern right now, he said, it’s not as big as a threat here as it is in Africa because of our superior health care and advanced medical technology.

That’s comforting and all…but how many hospitals actually have this??

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