Making It Rain on Them Hoes

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It looks like Obama will definitely win today in New Hampshire, another poll from Reuters/ZOGBY was just released:

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama expanded his lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire to 13 points as voting began in the state’s critical presidential primary, according to a Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released on Tuesday.

In other Obama news, traders in Europe are trying to come-up and are betting Obama will beat Hillary with online gambling websites. Bettings odds are now at 90% in favor of Obama for the New Hampshire election today.

This sh*t may already be over because the shady Clintons are banking on South Carolina to stop Obama. Here is the problem, over 50% of the democratic voters in South Carolina are Black and most know Clinton is as fake as Beyonce’s weave. Discuss….

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  • 504 here we go, again


  • anon-chick

    Well…about the SC thing. I don’t think it’s hate, but people (black in particular) have very fond memories of the Clinton administration. And very fond memories of an earlier Hillary as a champion for nationalized health care, and a patient bill of rights, and other initiatives aimed towards the poor. They want to hold on to that…i personally believe that she’s been bought…will she turn on those who have lined her pockets once in office?? prob not…

  • NO more Caps

    Dont be fooled folks, the way Bill handled America will probably won’t be the same with his wife. they are two differnt people!!

    lets make history and vote Obama!!

    bun all dem haterz/racist

  • 504 here we go, again


  • Darth Paul

    Bill was the only star power in the Clinton Clique. Hillary is way too much of a power hungry insider and THAT’S the reason why no one’s feelin her. There’s no honor in refusing to give up when you know you’ve lost.

  • about it

    @anon chick. You nailed it. Folks have fond memories of Clinton cuz he put in so many black folks in office. But his policies for blacks weren’t so great. He screwed the black farmers who were being denied their fair share of help from the Dept. of Agriculture, he didn’t stand up for Lani Guinere or Jocelyn Elders — and they had progressive ideas. He put in NAFTA (which was started by Bush I) and made crack a more serious crime than cocaine. Clinton’s administration was the start of prison nation. I am proud of Obama, still need to study his plan more, but if he wins N.H., we need to pray for the man’s safety and for the safety of his family. I don’t trust the Clinton’s and their Bubba Mafia and the Republicans.. we know what they ’bout.

  • lexi54

    I’m a Hillary supporter in SC and I work for the campaign, although ou voting population is around 40 percent, not 50. Many african americans here do not vote or are not even registered so this is going to be interesting

  • Bahama Mama

    get the hell outta here…beyonce’s weave is fake?

    I almost (ALMOST) felt sorry for Hilary yesterday when she was close to tears to me anyway it finally showed she was human like…but to little to late for her…

  • Traydayz

    What in the hell does dating have to do with people voting? If you can’t stay on point especially with a subject this important, don’t waste our time.

  • CaramelTai

    I dont know about you, but with every passing primary, Hilary Clinton comes accross as a spolied brat that is not getting her way. In my opinion, Hilary comes accross as if she is entitled to win this presidential election based on her “35 years” of political experience. She seems SO PISSED that a man of color is beating her. Mind you this is only the beginning and November is still a number of months away and she comes across as a bit defeated because she didnt win the first two primaries. If she is acting like this now, how do you think she will act once she gets into office? You wouild think that given her “35 years” of political experience, she would be better poised and could handle becoming the underdog on the democratic side. Hilary is way too emotional and childish..GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wrong Post Girl

    I think that Mariah needs to stop talking trash, that is if the story is true.

  • Wrong Post Girl

    and Mariah is probably jealous that Jlo is pregnant and she is just naturally pudgy

  • Bronx Brawler

    Slick Willie also cut federal social programs which affected many blacks. He cut federal funding to pell grant and other programs that helped poor blk kids get thru school. So blk ppl wake up stop being so duked about Bill Clinton. My last point he opened his office on 125th in state building then the rental space prices went up. He’s never in Harlem and he isn’t helping to pump money into it either. Ok he smoked weed played the sax and had multiple extra marital affairs so what. He didn’t do much for blk ppl. Like most politicians he just shuck and jived for blk community support cuz he needed it to win. Do research about his moves before you jump out the window for Clintons.


    I pray that Obama wins this! It’s time for a change. But in all seriousness, if he does win, them rednecks gonna want his head. And they’re gonna go after it. I’m sorry to say but this is so true, white people do not like nor do they accept change. And once they see a black man progressing, they’re gonna try to shoot him down. Because in their eyes, blacks are trying to make them the minority. They won’t stand for it. I just pray for the safety of him and his family…I know where my vote is. Barack the vote!!

  • CaramelTai

    I guess it depends on what you believe in, but I was watching CNN or MSNBC last night and they were interviewing some white people in New Hampshire and the majority of the room was for Obama (With the exception of one lady). Never in my 26 years on this earth (I know its a short time) have I seen so many white people believe in a man of color to run for president. While I think Barack is very brave for even attempting to run for president and I most definitely fear for him and his family’s safety, I think GOD will protect him.

  • mr mr


    i remember that…Alma told Colin to sit his black azz down cuz he wasn’t running for sh*&….

    in these crazy times, can you blame her?

  • Earica

    Obama all the way baby!!

  • CaramelTai

    I remember when Sharpton was running for president, I thought it was such a joke. But Barack is a different story. He comes across as the type that could repair America’s damaged relationship with other countries just based on his charisma and intellect alone. He also has a realistic withdrawal schedule for the troops to come home. We all know that the republicans will keep the troops in Iraq forever.

  • Bronx Brawler

    @kzzmerghtthere that is the most backwards thinking I have heard. Are you from S.C.? If he decided to run I am quite sure the safety issue was discussed with his family. If he’s willing to sacrifice evidently Obama isn’t worried about it so why is that your major concern?

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    @ bahama mama

    First off heeeeey girl!!! (ok, enough with the hood rat stuff) lol

    Secondly, I don’t feel sorry for Hilary at all. She was coming at Obama’s neck so hard that the other democratic canidate had to take up for him and they are running against each other. Hilary crying was a sign of her being weak in my opinion. I want a leader who is strong, hell this is just the begining and she’s crying. And i am not saying that it’s not ok to cry but do that in the privacy of your own home. I want a strong leader, a leader that even when the time is tough, he/she won’t break down and cry, feeling sorry for themselves, but a leader who will stand tough.

  • Pascalle

    Obama is going to wax that ass. In other news, did any of you know that Barack’s middle name is Hussein? What a name for the man who could be president. GO_BAMA!

  • AND...

    I know some of the “not so ethnic friendly” white folks are in awe that this black man has not only dominated the news in the US but globally. Good morning all.

  • natalia

    Thank you for this post it has been an interesting read. About SC and Hillary Clinton…If large percentage of the voters are older black people who do not believe that a black man can be President- how do they feel about a white woman being president? We’re not voting for Bill! There is no doubt that Bill will play a role but he WILL NOT be Commander and Chief. Hillary lacks the political savvy that Bill had. When placed under the gun, her only tactic is to come out swinging with negative catty statements about her opponents. She is proving to be extremely insincere in the public’s eye. I believe the American public is getting a glimpse of how she would be as the leader of this country and are losing hope in the idea of Hillary taking office.

  • BrandiLuvsU

    I really might be the only black person that CAN NOT STAND OBAMA…What does he stand for???/ Can anyone tell me…Other than supporting a black man for president, WHY should I vote for him..Honestly, I’ve watched the speeches..the man can spin a speech beautifully. He has stage precense, and a nice soft tone, lol..but can he tell me what he’s gonna do for my daughter, and how he’s hoping to better her future. Can he say where he stands on Illegal Immigration. Can he tell me what the hell he’s gonna do about the budget that Bill Clinton fixed so well, and George bush F’d up…can he please tell me what his plans are for bringing our troops out of Iraq. I still dont know..Everyone keeps saying..But dont u want a black president..Yes thats all fine and dandy..but NOT THIS ONE..I dont think he’s strong..One video from Bin Laden, I think Obama will freak the f*** out..No people..We need to look BEYOND his physical…really try and pay attention to the things he says..b/c he’s not really saying Much of ANything.. On another site, there was a side by side of things Obama has done..compared to the things Hilary has done..The numbers speak for comparison. The Job of the President does not come with On the Job Training. We need someone that can get in there and get S*** Done. Obama..I’m sorry for those that Love him, I dont think he’s this man. I am the BIGGEST Democratic..very liberal..but I swear…If Obama is our candidate..and McCain wins for the Repubs..I will cross parties and vote for McCain..Its that serious..

  • AND...


    Gurl who done pissed you off so early in the morning?

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