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Looking good Syleena!

Syleena Johnson Interview

In addition to dishing on her new album and giving her opinion on Sam Smith sounding A LOT like Tank ( her words), Syleena Johnson dished to BOSSIP about her new book and super secret new opportunity that turned out to be yet another reality show; WE TV’s “Marriage Boot Camp.”

Tell us about your book.

It’s called “The Weight Is Over”, the subtitle is “Loving My Body From The Outside In.” It talks about body image and women and what we have to deal with. It talks about me being a child and being told that I was great and that I was beautiful and my body image being untainted, and then coming into the industry and being told that it was terrible and that we were fat and not pretty. It was not pretty to have your own hair and not pretty to have your own nails.

After that there was so much that I went through with starving myself and diet pills and improper eating and developing acid reflux and vocal chord drama all because I was trying to fit the image of the industry. The book is about that and it ends with me getting my degree in nutrition science and becoming an advocate for health and fitness. The last chapter ends on a half marathon. You have to find something that you like to do to keep you motivated. You have to learn to love what you see in the mirror.

Did you personally write the book?

I’ve been thinking about writing this book for a year with my ghostwriter. I chose to use a ghostwriter her name is Amara McCoy, because my schedule is very busy. We worked very close together, I wrote the preface and I wrote the titles and the last chapter. I wanted to write as well and I added bits and pieces of my own personality. She did interviews and we had long conversations and it was wonderful. Amara is brilliant, she’s published books of her own. I’m very excited that it’s finally here.


We also heard that yo have a mini series on the way. 

It’s not a mini series but it’s along the lines of an entire visual situation that goes hand in hand with the released of the [“Chapter Six: Couples Therapy”] album. It was amazing and one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was super duper hard work. I cannot wait to show my fans and the world, the “Chapter Six: Couples Therapy” concept. I’m really excited.




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