All Is Fair In Love And War? Wisconsin Man Says He Still Loves Ex-Fianceé Who Hired Hitman To Kill Him

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SMH. Could you still carry a torch for an ex-flame who tried to have you murked?

Wisconsin Man Says He Loves Ex Who Tried To Hire Hitman To Murder Him

This Wisconsin man says his ex didn’t really want to hurt him, she was just being crazy!

According to NY Daily News reports:

John Schellpfeffer says he doesn’t believe his ex ever meant to hurt him, and says mental illness drove Jessica Strom to offer $1,000 and sex in exchange for his murder, he told ABC News’s 20/20.

“(It was) a mental drama in her mind, all put together from that mental illness,” Schellpfeffer said. The 50-year-old added: “I do love (her) to this day.”

Strom, 33, said the two probably won’t rekindle their relationship when she gets out of prison, but added she still had feelings for him, too.

“I loved that man, and I still do. And I would not kill him,” she said.

Police arrested Strom earlier this year after she asked a former high school classmate to kill her boyfriend of six years. She said Schellpfeffer was abusive and that their relationship was toxic.

The man immediately went to police, who charged the woman with solicitation to commit first degree intentional homicide. Strom accepted a plea deal in August and will serve at least 3 1/2 years in prison.

Schellpfeffer and Strom’s romance started in 2007. But the relationship wasn’t all good: Strom told ABC News that Schellpfeffer had jealously issues and wanted to control her.

She took out a restraining order to try to end the alleged abuse. Then during one court hearing — in front of a judge — Schellpfeffer asked Strom to marry him.

She said yes.

But in February, she met up with the would-be-hit man and started telling him ways he could off the victim. She suggested gunning him down or hacking his body in the man’s private plane.

After her arrest, Strom maintained that the murder-for-hire plot was all a joke. She had been frustrated with her fiancé earlier in the week, and sarcastically said she wanted to kill him when she met up with her former classmate at a local café.

“I used those words, but I said it in a joking sense, as I kid around about lots of things,” Strom said. “He knew what I meant.”

Well love is a crazy thing. At least one of these two characters realize they need to stay away from each other. Toxic love is no good and we’d hate to see things end with somebody six feet under.


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