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Here is a shot of the always interesting Will.I.Am wearing a Rihannaesque space boot in Vegas yesterday. We don’t know if he really hurt his foot or is trying to express himself. Back in October, Will defended his unique fashion sense to King magazine:

Oooh yeah ni%$a let me put on this clown outfit. I like to express myself in fashion. I don’t like looking like everybody. I’m not a Gap dude. I’m not gonna wear a gap t shirt. I’m not gonna walk around looking like everybody in our streets. I don’t…I don’t feel comfortable wearing the same ‘drobe that the masses walk around wearing thinking that’s it cool. I like to express how I wanna look.

He should be proud, he is definitely successful at that expression.

Image via WENN

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  • Yes I Said It & I Meant It Too

    Well Will.I.Am and that gay homeless man look ain’t hitting on ish.

  • Soul Cry

    …he will never be Andre…so stop trying will…

  • Wuddesu

    He looks great on this photo. He was said to have a personal account on a millionaire and celebs webiste called“Searching M illionaire. com”with several hot pix and blog weeks ago. It’s said he received lots of contacts there.

  • N-Quizzy

    When are the Black Eyed Peas coming back?!? I’m tired of everyone leaving their groups like a Beyonce and going solo……it’s not for everyone! Come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  • elle

    he always looks overheated, like he has too many clothes on.

    aren’t those stage lights burning him up?


  • elle

    but I do miss the old ‘blackeyed peas’ before the commercial success….

  • up2nogood

    WTF, why, why, why.

  • Ibn


  • dayg715

    he looks like a clown, period. you can still dress in your own style and still look good doing it. he needs to either hire a stylist, or fire the one he has.

  • anonymous

    it figures this stupid ass site would like this jigaboo.

  • samira

    I actually dig his sense of style, but hate the fact that he kees pointing out how “different” he is from everybody else.

    You don’t have to prove who you are to ANYBODY…we see you, baby!!! Just do you, Will.I.Am.!!!

  • elle

    @ PaigeyWaigey *BONES #1 STUNNA*

    There are certain ‘cute’ songs that they made with Fergie but overall just like most good groups they’re looking for the commercial stardom to define them.

    Please pray that ‘The Roots’ stay true to their music pulse.

  • kigali

    He is dressed like a Dickinsian street urchin.

  • Anonymous3

    the title is the funniest thing…”space boot swag”…I wouldn’t doubt that he is wearing that thing just to do it ….like he is going to start the next “must have” fashion item…the space boot… thing you know you’ll see someone on the street with Louis Vuitton space boot…

  • PaigeyWaigey *BONES #1 STUNNA*


    I think the Roots have had their taste of commercialism….they did it perfectly they were a successful underground group…they came out with some radio bangers and gained some new fans and went back underground to claim their throne…they ain’t money hungry like BEP…they get their props from other artists and tons of fans, they are true artists…lemme go find my “Things Fall Apart” CD…loves it!

  • elle

    @ PaigeyWaigey *BONES #1 STUNNA*

    okay anything that The Roots puts out is truth.

    They may have had some radio success but I’m foggy on the commercial success.

    but you speak Truth…The Roots 4ever.

    Have you ever seen them live?….MY GOODNESS THE TALENT!!!!

  • 504 here we go, again


  • bree

    no he really hurt his foot


    he look like he need 2 soak in da tub 4 at least a month wash those dreads as well da water would probably turn black

  • Southern Belle 225….NOT! He looks so “how you doin”

  • Wrong Post Girl

    Ice Cube stay making Disneyfied movies

  • reality


  • scoob lov

    TMZ had him on cruches last week. He said how he hurt himself, but I don’t remember

  • and another one

    Gay and wack and responsible for Fergie = im thru

  • Butterfly

    Will IS a Gap dude. He’s featured in their ad for their sweater collection this season. Go to any Gap store now and you can see his ad in the store front. He has at some point worn and probably still wears some pieces from GAP. He must have said that when the check cleared. I get what he’s saying but not a good look dissing a company that you just endorsed. Boo.

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