Whose Ashy Ankles Are These?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Arnold was at the Tribeca Film Festival for the Midgets vs Mascots premiere. No, we have no clue where he got those clogs and why his ankles look like he had rope tied around them for days on end.  SMH

You aint seen sh*t yet, pop it and see the lil mans lips…

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  • Nique


  • E$

    Gary Coleman, that was ez

  • nina

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  • Nique

    The bottom of his feet looks like his face.

  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    Eww… they ashy and Little…

  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    Oh… good morning… and he looks like a cracked out beaver… Just sayin

  • Angee

    That’s a shame!

  • Lisa Vee

    Do they make a Ped Egg for ankles?????

  • http://www.ferdoza.blogspot.com Re (Gambit in 7 Days!)

    I new it! He wore these shoes when he was caught standing by his saturn (google it)…

  • Lisa Vee

    He needs to take a brillo pad , wrapped it around a stick and get to SCRUBBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    @ Lisa Vee… OMG LMAO saw the whole commercial in my head



  • Why Are Albinos On Bossip?

    How is your skin gonna match the croc shoes you’re wearing?


    I hear he has a liver condition so I don’t have anything to say.

  • Just Sayin

    I knew it was Arnold…


  • FR

    Give the guy a break! He has eczama…it is allergy season.

  • http://www.ferdoza.blogspot.com Re (Gambit in 5 Days!)

    Them shoes were used amongst the Viet Cong. That’s the only explanation I have as to the state of them today.

  • http://www.ferdoza.blogspot.com Re (Gambit in 5 Days!)

    Kunta Kente feet…”my name is Toby!”

  • http://www.ferdoza.blogspot.com Re (Gambit in 5 Days!)

    Tapered arse jeans…

  • ImposterBitches

    wtf!Im sorry but those things look like there on the verge of being amputated.

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus Believes Billy Mays will someday endorse this product.

  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    @ Re

    Making me think of how high when meth is like “Get Him” lmao

  • http://www.gravatar.com *Living lovely*

    isn’t he sick???


    looks like glok9n with them hard crunchy lips.

  • http://www.ferdoza.blogspot.com Re (Gambit in 5 Days!)

    Over there looking like smushed Lil Debbie snacks…

  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    get him!!!

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