The “Oprah” Effect

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Oprah is the best thing to happen to the universe…and twitter.

Twitter made the new heights of traffic with sole appearance on the Oprah show. The day when show was live there where millions of Oprah fans watching and signing up with Twitter with Oprah. While writing this story Oprah had near to half a million followers on twitter. Unexpectedly the fans of Oprah joined twitter to follow Oprah and hear the smallest tweets from her. According to Hitwise the traffic monitor company, the traffic on twitter jumped up to 43% due to the Oprah effect. The hashtags “Oprah” where also found to be among the top ten tweet tags used on twitter.

What are white, middle-aged housewives tweeting about these days?


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  • HellaCuteScorpio

    Ha Ha

  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    dammit hellacute

  • *Living lovely*

    @D3ath By Ch0c0lat3


    LOL Girl !! good mornin

  • * Hi Hatas *

    I love Oprah

  • Why You Tell Harpo To Beat Me?...

    White people love her because she is the modern day “Mammy” archetype. Maternal and none threatening to “da white folks”.

  • Re (Gambit in 5 Days!)

    @Why You Tell Harpo To Beat Me?…

    Aunt Jemimah?

  • darqbeauty


  • Kato: da cunt killa

    @Death By Choc !
    I’ll give you a gee if you let me bust this nut on them pearly whites, im black !

  • theinteresting

    do your thang O

  • wifey06

    Oprah do not give those folks the money that you could be generating off yourself. If their sponsorship went up 43% due to her then she can start her own page and stop helpign a bunch of money hungry pigs rich….

  • Ebony6

    OPRAHHHHHH!!!! you get a car! and you get a car1 you you and you!

  • Meggie Letterman

    D3ath By Ch0c0lat3 is a fake. that’s really Kigali!!!

  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    How can you tell me who I am????

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

    Who’s Kigali???

  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    @ Meggie Letterman

    How can you tell me who I am????

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

    Who’s Kigali???

  • Angee

    Oprah is ok with me. I live in the Chicagoland area, and have been to her show only once. That was a long time ago.

  • undressingHER

    I need Oprah to invite me on to talk about my website……I’d be ON then, lol

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    I am following her on twitter too…

  • whatsyoursecretdesireDOTcom

    Oprah is great

  • Oprah Rocks

    She rules the world … large companies and small countries rise and fall on her word.

  • enlight

    you so right, ANON!

    But, take that Kutcher!! Ya aint shat when oprah joins the party!!

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