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Glad to see Nipsey getting some shine.

West Cost Rapper Nipsey Hussle Talks About His Career With Bleu Magazine

The West Coast MC was recently interviewed by Bleu Magazine and we got the exclusive drop on it. Check out the interview below:

He’s been all over the news with his relationship with Lauren London, and his August arrest for obstructing a police officer in downtown LA. However, seems like Hussle might be trying to leave the drama behind him as he revealed the sophisticated, business minded side to himself in the interview with Bleu.

Hussle tells Bleu all about his career trajectory, his ambitions and aims and where he goes for morning snacks after a long night in the studio (hint: The Crab Man.)

On his role as an artist:
“You’ve got a job as an artist which is staying relevant and telling the truth, I feel like you’ve got to have a relationship with your fans and the people that are tuning in to you.”

On playing the long game:
“My strength has always been talking to the streets and motivating people… telling real life stories about coming from nothing and making myself successful. You’re not going to just be this prodigy that made it from [a] crazy situation and conquers the rap game in one stroke. As poetic and dope as that would be, that’s not what’s going to happen. You’ve got to build this thing.”

On his past:
“I come from an area [where] we are cannibals. We destroy ourselves [and] don’t allow ‘Nipsey Hussles’ to happen. So for this thing to succeed was already game changing.”

On selling his iconic 2013 Crenshaw mixtape for $100 each:
“We were looking at the game and saw how the value was changing. So I decided that with Crenshaw I wasn’t going to chase radio. I was going to cater to the audience and do what I knew was best / I’ve gambled on my career a couple of times, leaving Epic and leaving a major deal. It was a time when they called me crazy, but it was also when I looked like a genius.”

Charging $100 for a mixtape is only a genius move when it pays off — which it definitely did for Nipsey. We remember seeing a ton of artists and celebs posting up the copies they dropped a bill on — good thing too because diapers are expensive, and you know what they’re saying about Lauren riiiiiight?

Elton Andreson for Bleu Magazine



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