Prince Escaped Bullies With Purple Rain

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It’s not hard to imagine Prince getting bullied as a child. The six inch heeled boots, the ass-less pants and the bi-curious vibe didn’t happen overnight. But, the interesting fact is we have those bullies to thank for some of the best music of our generation. Flip the switch for more

Pop superstar PRINCE had credited school bullies with sparking his interest in music – because the singer began to learn piano as a means of escape.

The Purple Rain hitmaker admits that when he was a youngster, his tormentors left him isolated from other kids. And to fill his time, he began teaching himself how to play his father’s instruments.

He says, “The first thing I did is I went into myself and I taught myself music. My father left his piano at the house when he left and I wasn’t allowed to play it when he was there because I wasn’t as good as him so when he left I was determined to get as good as him.

We’re glad he turned to music to escape. Could you imagine Prince working a 9-5? Discussing MAC’s new fall line of eyeliners at the water cooler…SMH.

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  • Ermy Erm is Disillusioned with Society( Surprised that I liked Obsessed, and The new X-men Movie is really good too, dont blame me, blame bootleg)

    He so lil

  • Snkrfetish

    Prince is one of the greatest. Pure musical genius. It’s funny that somany people look to find what they seem to be missing everywhere else, but even Prince said he looked within and he found Greatess!

  • Angee

    Prince is a genius, and very talented. I saw him in concert at The Chicago Theatre, and it was worth every penny. He is a great live performer.

  • Theory of Truth

    I’m feeling Prince on the statement he said about looking within. Thats where our true strength is.

  • always knew

    I still love Prince. He might be tiny but mad talented…I didn’t know he was bullied. That’s unfortuna, but look at what it did for his life and music. He made/ makes some really GOOD music.

  • me (the original)®

    I love Prince. It’s a shame that it was bullies and his father being a jackass (you can’t play when I’m cause you’re not as good as me) that got him to recognize his talents, but something positive out of something negative is always a good thing.

  • Moreaces

    The man is a genious, and a ICON

  • http://Bossip Soul Ese

    Well at least he didn’t kill himself like some of these youngsters have the last couple of weeks.

  • AKeysFan1981

    Damn, I love me some Prince. Next to Michael Jackson I can’t decide who is better. I would love to see him in concert. Prince if you are reading this when are you coming down south?!

  • Gossip Bodega

    Thanks to all the bullies for whippin that azz. Maybe he’ll get jumped and we’ll get another great album out of him.

  • Darkesthourglass

    I guess he won’t be going to any class reunions not even to perform. Love me some Prince especially old school Prince. But I think he was on his high school basketball team. I’ve seen a picture of it on Wikipedia when he had an afro.

  • GGooDie

    That is what I am talking about. Don’t hate on Prince style.

    I am glad he took his bullying days and put it towards his music. What a great musician he is.

  • Mock Rock Star

    His piano is wonderful…I wonder if he meant when his dad left for the day or left his mom. It always seemed like he had a strain relationship with his parents. Well he’s still one of my personal favorites

  • Mock Rock Star


    Damn, I love me some Prince. Next to Michael Jackson I can’t decide who is better. I would love to see him in concert. Prince if you are reading this when are you coming down south?!

    I’ll help U with that one: Prince all the way!!!

  • Darkesthourglass


    I wouldn’t be surprised. I doubt that any of his bullies are living the life he has over the past 30 years or so. Not even close.

  • me (the original)®

    Prince was doing “metrosexual” before it became trendy.

    People talk about him being gay, but all women love him. Also, all the chicks Prince has been with have been damn good looking. And I’m a chick saying this.

  • Willona

    @ Darkesthourglass

    Prince was indeed a guard for the Minneapolis Central High School pioneers – and his fro was tight, lol.

  • BE

    Prince is theeee man, we all go through these issues if it don’t kill you it only makes you stronger. Most artist use their art to channel life challenges…at least that is what moost say.

  • Dan

    It’s always the kids that get bullied who turn out to be the greats later in life. Prince is amazing. Haters never win.

  • SuperHuman

    Well I have to thank prince’s bullies too!
    cuz Prince’s music help me grow sense the tender age of 12.. he music was like water..
    He is SUPERHUMAN! He should go beat them up now! or kiss them..

  • SuperHuman

    Prince has always been my fifth baby Daddy in my dreams, all my boy friends look like him or superman..

  • SuperHuman

    got bullies!

  • DICooper

    Prince was also a high school All-American point guard in basketball. It is actually hard to imagine a jock getting bullied.

    Especially a jock that was Mr. Basketball of Minnesota in 1970 something…

  • SuperHuman

    My love hate relationship with prince
    I spent over A milli on your boy soo I CAN TALK sh*t

  • SuperHuman

    Prince is a little old now but I would still give him the business

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