Elsewhere In The World: Sexless Husband In Dubai Avoids Paying Alimony Because Wife Lied About Being A Genie

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In real life though…

Dubai Court Denies Divorcee Wife Alimony Because She Lied About Being Djinn

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A court granted a divorce to a man after he discovered that his wife was possessed by a djinn and refused to go to bed with him.

The man lodged a divorce case against the woman after she repeatedly refused to have sex with him and her family informed him that she was possessed by a djinn.

Records said the Arab man tolerated his wife for a period of time as she persistently refused to go to bed with him.

However, the woman finally asked him to try to discuss the issue with her parents, who informed the husband that several religious scholars had failed to exorcise the djinn.

The Dubai Sharia Court awarded the husband the divorce and asked him to pay around Dh40,000 in maintenance to his ex-wife.

The man’s lawyer, Hamda Makki, told the court: “The woman and her family cheated my client. They should have been honest and clear about the fact that the wife was possessed by a djinn. He was only told about the djinn after the problem escalated. The woman does not deserve any allowance.”

The Dubai Appeal Court upheld the divorce. However, it cancelled the primary court’s decision pertaining to the Dh40,000 in alimony.

The appellate court decided that the woman does not deserve the alimony since she was not honest about the djinn issue.

For those wondering, Wikipedia describes a djinn as the following:

Jinn or djinn (singular: jinnī, djinni, or genie; Arabic: الجن‎ al-jinn, singular الجني al-jinnī) are supernatural creatures in Islamic mythology as well as pre-Islamic Arabian mythology. They are mentioned frequently in the Quran (the 72nd sura is titled Sūrat al-Jinn) and other Islamic texts and inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of humans. The Quran says that the jinn are made of a smokeless and “scorching fire”,[1] but are also physical in nature, being able to interfere physically with people and objects and likewise be acted upon.

Sounds like this ghostly gal should have still been able to give her husband some of her haunt box.

Dah well…

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