U.S. Violates Iraqi Agreement and Kills Two

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This morning an American military convoy killed off two Iraqi’s breaking the peace agreement:

An early morning U.S. raid that left two Iraqis dead was launched without Iraq’s permission, a serious violation of the rules that are supposed to govern American military conduct here, the Iraqi government said Sunday. Six Iraqis were arrested in the raid, which was carried out before dawn Sunday by a U.S. Army unit in the Iraqi city of Kut, southeast of Baghdad. Two other Iraqis, a man and his sister-in-law, were shot and killed.

The U.S. military confirmed the raid but said in a written statement that the operation was “fully coordinated and approved by the Iraqi government.” The six people who were arrested and the man who was killed are suspected terrorists, the American statement said. The woman who died was shot accidentally, the military added. The Iraqi complaint threatens to add to the strains between the Shiite Muslim-led government of Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki and the U.S. Amid a recent spike in suicide bombings, U.S. officials complain that Maliki isn’t doing enough to reconcile with Iraq’s Sunnis, whom many blame for the upsurge in violence.

Under an agreement signed last year between Washington and Baghdad, U.S. forces aren’t permitted to conduct combat operations without first coordinating with Iraqi security forces, and Iraqi government officials maintain that the Sunday raid was launched without its permission. “There was no approval given,” said Col. Shawqat al Alusi, an Iraqi army spokesman. He said that a U.S. military commander had apologized to Iraqi authorities for failing to obtain their permission.

The U.S. commander told Iraqi officials he thought the unit that conducted the raid had received approval and that a misunderstanding was to blame, Alusi said. Speaking by phone from Kut, Alusi added that the six who were arrested already have been released. Maliki has ordered an investigation into the matter, he said. Alusi couldn’t provide the name of the American commander who he said apologized. A U.S. military spokesman said in an e-mail that he couldn’t comment on Alusi’s statements or confirm that the men who were arrested have been released.

Several hundred Iraqis gathered Sunday in downtown Kut to protest the killings, said Jawad Kadhim, an official with the city’s local police force. He added that a police captain was among those arrested by the Americans. The U.S. military said in its written statement that the raid was meant to capture a terrorist network financier who helped smuggle weapons into Iraq for the Mahdi Army, a Shiite Muslim militia.

Sounds like cops in the projects. SMH


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  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    Huh… kill first ask questions later.

    If they over their killing like a 21st century Black Boycott hmm no words from us though.

    I’m sure black people can go to college without feeding into this Willy Lynch government.

  • D3ath By Ch0c0lat3

    I think so… I was the only one that fell for it… Darn it

  • Proud ArmyWifee


  • always knew

    The United States stays breaking the Geneva Convention. This is not acceptable. If this is Barack’s idea of ‘CHANGE’, I’m not sure that I like it. He needs to slow his roll and really change the U.S. administration.

    We need to stop trying to tell other people wht they can or can’t do in their own countries, if we would just keep our nose out of their business, I doubt this would keep happening. But as long, as other nations of color are dominated, it’s not going away…

    I was listening to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on NPR and he was asking the interviewer, why can’t the Palestinians create their own government without European intervention. Then he started saying that if there was a holocaust and in happened in Europe /Germany, then why are they in the Arabs and Palestinians homeland? He also asked why the Europeans have a hand in every nations development, so they can eventually undermine the people and take control of their government..

    Someone should have to pay for the United States always doing crooked ish and then get mad, when you find out and check them about it…

    SMDH… 😦

  • Proud ArmyWifee


    @ NADINE

  • Proud ArmyWifee


  • always knew

    @Proud ArmyWifee-

    Thanks for the comment.

    EVERYONE Definitely support the troops.

  • Barry

    Obviously there’s more to this story than what has been reported. Why did the American Soldiers feel the need to launch an assault? My guess is that they were assaulted in some way. They are hated over there by all, and for good reason. People forget it was America who put Saddam Hussein in charge in the 1st place.

  • His E-Minence

    I mean, damn, I know people have family and loved one’s over there, but Why is it that every time some US military action or breach of rule of warfare is resulted that results in the death of a civillian is reported, the dialogue has to be turned into a banal statement of blanket support for ‘our troops’? I mean yeah, I don’t want any american soldiers to die, but I don’t want them violating international agreements and unlawfully killing poeple in our name either…

  • milagros

    @ always knew

    thank you for your post. Our Prsident has yet to deliver on his promise to end the war in Iraq. I would also like to add that not just the US, but Israel is also breaking Geneva conventions in Palestina by building and settling on occupied Palestinian territories.

    Ahmadinejad made an interesting point…only to be dubbed “a racist” by New York magazine.

    The war in Iraq was based on trumped up intelligence – as everyone knows by now, UN inspectors never found any “weapons of mass destruction” Iraq was supposedly developing. I was really hoping that President Obama was going to end the war like he promised.

  • milagros

    our President is yet to deliver *fixed*

  • http://www.bossip.com Toucheaway

    Israel is the puppetmaster. Witness the boycotting of the UN Congress on Racism. They knew it would criticize Israel, so the US did not attend.

    Same shit, different day.

    The last congress the UN held on Israel they passed a resolution identifying Zionism as racism. I guess they didn’t want to go around the block twice on that one. SMH

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