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Hazel E Says She Wanted Yung Berg To Take Her Seriously

Contrary to what “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” fans have witnessed, Hazel E said Yung Berg gave her the impression that their relationship might develop into something substantial.

Via S2S Magazine reports:

“He made me think he was down to try to make something happen with us more official than it had been,” Hazel told

“I was on cloud nine at first, like maybe this guy could be my guy, even though he wants to be off doing what he wanna do.”

That’s not exactly what viewers have seen week after week as Berg continues to keep Hazel in the “friends with benefits” zone; however, reality TV shows don’t always show the entire truth.

To her credit, instead of blaming anything on editing, Hazel admits she was in “la-la land.”

“I’m thinking we can actually have something real and I’m living in my own little fantasies in my head, like you know, like he’s Kanye [West] and I’m Kim Kardashian and having our own fairytale moments,” she said.

Hazel and Berg started off with a professional relationship, but she said things quickly became murky when they added pleasure to their business. While she thought their chemistry was an indication that they might be compatible, Hazel realizes Berg wasn’t on the same page.

“I kind of figured with the amount of time seeing each other from working, and then after we’re done working, we go back to my house or his house or whatever and have a good time, I felt like maybe this could be built on,” she explained.

Hazel didn’t offer too much info on how her relationship with Berg turns out on the show, but she said she doesn’t just sit back and allow him to continuously disrespect her.

“I felt like his level of disrespect got to be a little more than I can handle and so I had to approach him on those situations because I never agreed to that. I didn’t like that,” said Hazel who felt Bert was purposely disregarding her feelings.

“Him and his crew, when they do their thing, they’re intentionally trying to throw some jabs and hurt me, but it’s all good. I just keep my nose in the air,” she said. “You’re not going to make or break me.”

Now, Hazel is more focused on her career, but she doesn’t deny that she wants the whole package, including a healthy relationship.

“At the end of the day, I want my music, I want my career, but I want love, too,” she said. “I just happened to pick the wrong person to try that with.”

Hazel was definitely living in a fantasy world if she thought Yung Berg was going to wife her up. Do you think Berg played Hazel or did she play herself? Hit the flip for more…



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