Cut! 18 Reality Shows That Are Totally Scripted

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18 Reality Shows That Are Totally Scripted

You think reality shows are fake? Well, you’re right. Here are a few that people are sure are scripted.


Hell’s Kitchen – It’s been alleged that the people who eat the food are actually paid actors.


The Hills – It’s always been speculated that this is the most scripted show on TV.


Storage Wars – It’s been said that some of the items are planted in the storage areas.

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Mob Wives – We won’t elaborate for fear of getting hits put on us.


Jersey Shore – Some of the fights have been allegedly scripted.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Seriously. C’mon guys.

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    Crossing Over With John Edward – The psychic show where he talks to dead people. That one. Yeah.


    Joe Millionaire – The show where he pretended to be a millionaire to get women to love him was totally scripted.


    Cake Boss – The contestants get their recipes days in advance.


    The Bachelor – These love connections and scenes are sometimes scripted.


    Ghost Hunters – Ghost shows are fake. The end.


    American Idol – The people who perform in front of the judges are handpicked by the producers.


    House Hunters – They sometimes have the houses already before they get on the show.


    The Real World – They’ve been accused of being stashed in the last few years.


    Top Model – Complaints came in that the show was an unrealistic portrayal of the model life.


    Survivor – It’s unclear how much they’re actually in the wilderness.


    Amazing Race – Same with this show.

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