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Chingy Daddy’s Angels

Chingy wants to clear something up. He wants the world to know that he is NOT gay. He recently spoke with SOHH and mentions that some blogs call him gay for his “Daddy’s Angels” tattoo around his neck.

View Chingy’s explanation for his tattoo and no homo disclaimer under the hood…

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  • michael jackson's nose is really the holy grail!

    mmh hmm


    # 1


    Lol@ M.J. screen name.

  • michael jackson's nose is really the holy grail!

    thank u GOTSTRONG. it’s an old joke of mine

  • Sistah Mickit Cockran - (Free MJB)


  • Mr O Dot (Brotha Dot)(free mjb)(where is lacydizzle?)(where is I.C.B (snickers)?(where is Ice (platinum vocals)???

    I never suspected chingy was gay until now…anyone who make statements that they aint gay…is probably gay

  • shamika

    i have never thought that abt him people are so crazed 2 say anything abt anyone

  • Mr O Dot (Brotha Dot)(free mjb)(where is lacydizzle?)(where is I.C.B (snickers)?(where is Ice (platinum vocals)???

    LOL, bones…his nickname probably “chingalicious” on the down low to his other skittles (sweetie dudes)

  • geezy

    I’m from St. Louis born and raised and I have never heard of Chingy being gay even before he got a little fame. If it was even a hint on him being sweet it would have been all over the LOU!!!LOL….Now bout that tattoo “Daddy’s Angel around his neck IDK…….Sounds like a he is now one fourth of a fag!!!

  • Ibn


  • i think

    he’s cute

  • simone

    i wondered where he was…now i know…chillin on brokeback…

  • CarlyRox45

    i heard a few years back on hot 97 he said on the morning show (this is like 2003/2004) that he PREFERRED guys AND girls…

    i was like, not only is he a fruity booty… but he’s stupid too…

  • maaly

    this does not affect me at all aha

  • justme

    tellum Chingy we know u aint gay! muah😉

  • Sistah Rebel78(1st MJB)

    uuummmmm……gay are the 2 music G Clef symbols on his forearms. LOL Never seen that before

  • 504 predicts : mo' hate in '08


  • Ranbow

    I never thought of Chingy being gay. He should have just ignored the rumors.

  • Vito

    I have a new respect for Ching-a-ling. He was way more articulate than I expected and he seems like he’s down to earth good person. Ya’ll fall back some.


    why should he be considered gay if he has a close relationship with his father? not enough black men have that…. IF thats what that means lol im just talking and didnt even watch the clip, mostly because it pains me to hear chingy talk. he’s an imbicile

  • LadyRed

    @ circa-81

    I agree with u. Im from the LOU & still reside there. If he was a fruit it would be all over the city, b/c thats just how st louis folk get down. Everybody knows everybody bizz, and if not, u can easily find out. He dates & is very good friends w/ my bff, & we never sinced a gay bone in his body… But this world is so F’d up, everybody is so pessimistic & wants to think the worst of someone, especially someone trying to make it… Im rambling, but u see my point….

  • Mr O Dot (Brotha Dot)(free mjb)(where is lacydizzle?)(where is I.C.B (snickers)?(where is Ice (platinum vocals)???

    you dont see Fabolous coming out wit statements…and that dude has had more gay rumors thrown at him than dick at Kim k’s face!

  • Ttime

    I’m glad to hear that he is planning a career and preparing his finances for a life after “Hip Hop”, especially since he has kids.

    Smart man, indeed!!! He should give some advice to these other coon rappers before they end up sleeping on Superhead’s sofa and pawning their “bling”!

  • Mr O Dot (Brotha Dot)(free mjb)(where is lacydizzle?)(where is I.C.B (snickers)?(where is Ice (platinum vocals)???




  • stan-b-gone

    co-sign w/ circa-81

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