Norbit’s Oscar Buzz

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You read that correctly. “Norbit” is in the runnings for an Oscar. The film is being considered for a nomination in Best Makeup. We always knew Eddie would turn heads in drag.


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  • Wrong Post Girl

    Who cares about Will smiths religion? and he looks very handsome right there

  • memchee

    What about the klumps, that was way better makeup than norbit.

    And this is no consolation for not giving Eddie the Oscar for dreamgirls.

  • arasiam

    Why do i suddenly have a craving for cottage cheese? YUCK!

  • Keisha

    I’m surprise this movie is still in the running for an oscar

  • 504 predicts : mo' hate in '08


  • Baby Please

    I think the makeup – the fatness – was pretty good.

  • DROCK (Do we really need a Flava of Luv 3??)

    504..THE MOVIE WAS HARD TO WATCH….BUT THE SAD THING IS, IF U GO TO BLACK BIKER WEEKEND, U WILL SEE A CHICK LOOKING JUST LIKE THIS…(maybe without the hat cause u know her weave gone be 3 miles high)

  • Ibn

    He should have been received an oscar for the nutty professor movies.

  • kai

    A lot of people didnt like this film, but I thought it was one of his funniest…

  • NubianGoddez

    See what I’m talking about, they will give a black man an oscar for wearing drag, but not for a role like dream girl which his tranny loving ass played the hell out of. the gay mafia in hollyweird needs to run out of town. rarely do they give oscars based on classical performance by blacks, but do some damn jiggaboo movie and your ass is a shoe in. calling Tyler gay ass Perry!!

  • maaly

    eddie murphy used to be crazy funny back in the day the movie was wack

  • Lady Architect

    Norbit was wack thats why it can only receive a nomination for best makeup…

  • Booger

    @ Bones Jordan LOOK! TITTIES! Ya wann suck em? huh? Ya wanna suck them big ol tattas Bones?

  • Anonymous3

    If you saw the movie…all I think of is “Mam, do you have on bottoms?? ROTFLMAO!!!

  • Sister Sam (Free MJB)

    This is some Bullish. They just setting Eddie up for a fall, like when they hyped him about Dreamgirls.

    That movie was really stupid a little funny but overall stupid

  • 504 predicts : mo' hate in '08


  • andie


    These “black films” are a disgrace to real black people living in the real world. How can anyone watch this mess?

    Why do brothas (Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy etc…) have to dress up as MAMMY black women to get a laugh?

    Sick and played out. NEXT.

    So now the academy wants to give another Oscar to a “black movie” and it has to be Norbit?! How embarrassing.

  • Sista Momo

    They musta been running out of shyt to nominate. Because if this is the case, Coming to America should have one an award. I still don’t know how they turned Eddie into an old jewish guy.

  • truself

    Of course.. white america loves anything that instills and keeps the stereotypes alive!!!

  • truself

    those awards are not really for us anyway.. never were. they just got hip and noticed that if some black things are nominated we might watch which more rating and money for them.

    that is all we are to them ratings and money!!!!!!

  • bree

    If you saw the movie…all I think of is “Mam, do you have on bottoms?? ROTFLMAO!!!

    DEAD!!!!!..that is sooooo funny!

  • MissDee

    I love Norbit!

  • kit

    i know that photo is suppose to be funny but why i’m not laughing

  • JillyBean819

    This is embarrassing to black people. The fact that they even nominated such a crap movie makes me believe that their intentions are to perpetuate stereotypes.

  • Sistah Mickit Cockran - (Free MJB)

    dat looks just like me!

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