Poor Thang: Raven Symone Says She’s Been Bullied Online After Refusing To Label Herself As “African-American” Or “Gay”

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Do you feel bad for Raven?

Raven Symone Says She’s Been Attacked For African American Comments

Via The Grio reports:

Symoné’s comments to Oprah during an episode of Where Are They Now? sparked outrage from critics on social media and the blogosphere. In an exclusive statement to theGrio.com, Symoné addressed the criticism she received immediately following her interview with Oprah and wanted to make one thing clear; she’s still “black.”

“I never said I wasn’t black … I want to make that very clear. I said, I am not African-American,” Symoné said. “I never expected my personal beliefs and comments to spark such emotion in people. I think it is only positive when we can openly discuss race and being labeled in America.”

Weeks later, the That’s So Raven star says she is being bullied online because of her opinions on race and gender, prompting her to write an open letter and post it to her Facebook page.

What do you think of Raven’s comments? One commenter by the name of David Morris dropped some knowledge on the child star by saying:

You make an elitist, disrespectful, self loathing statement and you think that people don’t have the right to respond. You say our ancestors stood up for what they believed in which ultimately allowed you the opportunity to have the life you have but prior to that you don’t want to be “labeled” or seen as what you are, a descendant of those ancestors you mentioned. You had no problem with the African-American label when you were benefiting from it but now that you feel you’ve “arrived” you don’t need it anymore. You’ve disrespected your ancestors, your family, friends and most importantly your fans!

Do you agree??

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