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Serena has mastered the crazy girlfriend routine. She typed a four-page letter on her website attempting to console herself over a recent breakup:

Weeks turn into months and you no longer talk to anyone else just him. And then it happens. No not the “L” word. But what you have been most afraid of. What deep in your heart you have been afraid to confront. What you always suspected would happen one day sooner or later. HE STOPS CALLING. You panic. But you try to stay calm. He did this before when you first started talking, but u tried to forget it. He disappears for 2 days no phone call. No answer to yours no nothing. This is the very reason you begin to think why your heart was in that steel enclosure. The reason you don’t put your emotions your feelings, your heart into any man. Because one day it always turns into this day, but you are already too far out you are at the point of no return, you can’t come back.

Whoever this guy is, he needs to watch his back.

Click here for more of Serena’s diary.

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  • Jesus

    That’s why people need to wait and not be hoe’s

  • SISTAH *leave it be* {FREE MJBC

    damn this is deep….she should know…she’ll be alright!

  • Jesus

    1st – BTW

  • Jesus

    1st – BTW

  • athena Free MJB's impersonator

    Serena, handle yo business! Don’t ever, ever let ’em see you sweat.

    “Can’t run from a .38 go ahead and try. vote or die.”

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Woah that is deep…is she trying to reach out to my boy Jackee? She BETTER not be…he needs to stay single so I can lock that ass down!!! J/P…well not really LOL!

  • uptowngirl

    Damn that ish sound serious. But time heals all, just move on.

  • Keisha


    I agree with U but not with such harsh language. We as women should wait, I know, I’ve been there before.

  • Sammy J. Parker

    I wonder who she’s talking about…the Jackie Long guy? But didn’t she get caught creeping with Common? I do now that her ex, Brett Ratner, was REALLY mean to her. I mean, in public he was mean to her…yelling and scoffing at her… I don’t get why he was ever with her if he was going to be so mean to her but with his best bud Mariah, he’s as gentle as a lamb??? That was fishy…

  • Miss Beasley

    Hi LIB!!

    Poor thang…she’ll learn

  • DR. FUNK

    Ah yes…dumping…getting dumped.The biggest thing on the radar in the lives of twentysomethings.She will look back on this when she’s mid-thirties & chuckle at the thought that it kept her up at night.

  • corner table

    Common hit and quit that there bwoy

  • AL Sharpton

    He hit it and quit it.

    Wise move.

    i met her.

    she’s a stuck-up asshole. very rude to “the little people”

    and i don’t mean midgets.


    LMAO! JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! i can just see her duckin and hidin around corners followin common and jumping out lookin all dishelved askin why havent u called me?! get over it and keep it movin girl..

  • Anonymous3

    Dang, did Common dump her already??!! well it looks like what goes around comes around…word on the street is she did the same thing to Jackie Long….Oh well

  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    It happens to the best of us (I guess) LOL

  • Angel_Minded

    Men pull this shyt all the time. When she figures out the reason, she can call me up and let me know why they do the shyt that they do.

  • arasiam

    Serena, this is life. The only difference between you and the rest of us here is that you can shop until you feel better! Keep your head up sweetie, there are other fish in the sea.

  • Oh F@ck That!!!


    Didn’t I tell you NO MATTER HOW he begs or WHAT he promises you that night MAKE HIM WAAAAIT!!!!!!!




    Lust will get your heart broken everytime 😦


    @ Sammy

    i hate white men like that.. they want so sleep with and “date” black women and treat them like trash and denigerate them every chance they get. overexerting their authority. its called a slave master mentality.

  • v-fromrock

    Oh I feel so terrible for her. I know how it feels to get your heart broken.



    Sorry to say it but the people who say they don’t wanna play games and setting you up so they can run there game on you.. they just want you to lower your defences


    LMAO!! im busted.. i use that when i be trying to manipulate a dude. my game is pretty strong so it has worked in most cases lol

  • osofresh

    if he comes crawling bak..u better not take him bak!!! poor rena..

  • SISTAH *leave it be* {FREE MJBC

    hey missy beasly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • imdone

    sounds like a (bad) pitch for a book to me. i think she’s just trying to guauge interest in her literary talent.

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