Fix It, Allah: Islamaphobic Father Banned From High School For Threats After Daughter Assigned Religious Homework

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If you scared, go to Mosque

Father Banned From Maryland High School For Threats Over Daughter’s Islamic Homework

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A former Marine who became upset when his daughter was given a homework assignment on Islamic religion was banned last week from La Plata High School, where his daughter attends school, after he allegedly threatened to cause a disruption at the school over the assignment.

La Plata High School Principal Evelyn Arnold filed for a no-trespass order against Kevin Wood of La Plata Thursday, Oct. 23.

“The assignment has been given for years,” said Katie-O’Malley-Simpson. “This particular parent had a problem with the assignment last Thursday.

“It is unusual [to ban a parent from a school],” she added. “We don’t file no trespassing charges lightly. We would only do that when we feel someone has threatened the safety of staff and students.”

The action was taken after the parent made comments to the vice principal that he was going to come to the school and cause a disruption, O’Malley-Simpson stated.

“Therefore, to insure the safety of the staff and students, he was banned from the school,” she said.

As he should be with his dumb azz.

“This is a world history class,” Simpson explained. “We are not teaching religion. Part of those world history studies involves the economics of a region and part of that is the religion which relates to the economy of that part of the world. In the Middle East, Islam is the only religion and it contributes greatly to the economics of the region.

In the overall scope of things, she said, Christianity is taught in segments about the reformation in Europe, along with Hinduism and Buddism.

“At some point we do comparative religion,” she said. “Religion is a big part of world history.”

What the hell did this guy think was gonna happen? His daughter was gonna come home wearing a suicide vest?? SMH.

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