Beans Back to Jail

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Beanie Sigel was sentenced to ONE day in federal prison and faces 6 months in a halfway home for violating his probation. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. Will they actually go through the motions of locking him up? These celebrity jail terms are turning into a big joke.


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  • MiStYbLuE

    thats nothing to him … he’ll eat his way through that whole sentence

  • maaly

    cosign mistyblue

    beans is too raw to market to the masses

  • Blaqk the new school panther

    dang homie can’t stay free for too long…wtf beans we need another album you better be just collecting info.

  • Blaqk the new school panther

    Beans is HOT…hater

  • bree

    i would like to know how he violated his probation..anyone have details?…

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    1 day in jail… that is some BS!!!!

    He should have don’t a least a year for violating…

  • :)


  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    I think dudes like him actually like jail…

    he exudes that look! 😉

  • playlist

    outside of my tax dollars…i could care less about this chubby uncle fester

  • haroldmaude

    Wow, one day. I wonder if it’s enough time for him to get in a little inny-outy. You know how Beans do — allegedly!

  • ko

    guess whoz bizack its the boy b-mizack!!! AKA Mr. Dumba$$$

  • Dalia (Y'all Need To Free MJB!!!)

    I absolutely hate Beanie Sigel. They need to fry his ass.

  • Machine

    He seems familiar. I saw him on rich kiss. com before. He had a nice profile there. Is he dating there?


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  • Understanding

    See? This is EXACTLY what I commented on when dude was seen all high in some interview tryin’ 2 diss Kanyeezy a few months back. Even back then I said that dude needed 2 STFU, concentrate on makin’ some hits and stay outta’ jail. But nope … not Beans. Damn man … in jail again? In the immortal words of Chris Rock: “I love black people, but i hate ni**as.” And the sad part is … holmes probably thinks he’s “Keepin’ It Real.”

  • bree

    ooo, thanx Michelle..damn so close, yet so far..

  • NubianGoddez

    I cannot stand this coon!!!

  • Betta Than The Rest

    @ Mahogany

    Too cute 🙂

  • dsread

    All I want to know is what is a half way house? I thought those where for homeless youths and teenage mothers


    @ dsread …

    baby lol where you been .. a half way house is pergatory lol somewhere in between society and jail .. its exactly what the name states .. half way out of jail .. your sentence almost over or being commuted, getting out for good behaviour youre put there right before u get out

  • Bush

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  • JOEY B


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