*Exclusive* Dawn Discusses “DK Hate-Fest” & Her New Group

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip recently sat down with Dawn, the sole survivor of Danity Kane, and discussed the why dem other chicks won’t stop hating, her new jawn in the Dirty Money Crew, tantric sex with Que, Diddy’s new “train music”…and…aww, hell, just take a look:

Bossip: The net was buzzing the next day that the show was a Dawn hate-fest. Did you feel like that?
Dawn: Everybody told me it was. They said it was quite obvious. But, I was on some positive stuff. I was happy to be there with the fans. I wasn’t even paying attention, so it didn’t hit me. But, everyone told me afterwards that it was very much that. I feel bad if it was, because it looked bad on them, not me.

Bossip: It was live, so we couldn’t blame it on editing. It was what it was.

Dawn: Maybe people needed to see that. People needed to see what it really was…that, that was the reality. I think that people need to see what’s in front of them, accept it, and move forward. I hate to keep trying to explain myself, but if you saw what you saw, then you saw what you saw. I’m sorry that people feel that way, because I didn’t feel that way. I was happy that they were moving forward.

Bossip: How is Aundrea?

Dawn: The last text I got from Aundrea, she was telling me to tell the boys congratulations. She’s doing good. I’m proud of her. She’s the type of person that doesn’t like confrontation. She’s a cancer, so she’s very emotional. I’m proud of her hanging in as long as she did.

Bossip: So, you chopped all of your hair off. What made you get a new cut?
Dawn: I’m with this new thing with puff. Dirty Money Crew is the name of the group. It’s a new flavor and I think he wants to separate me from whatever I was with Danity Kane. We’re moving forward in a positive light. It was a good look and I love it.

Bossip: Aubrey tried to call out your boo stating, “Thanks to Que, the president of my fan club.’ We know he’s been very vocal about her in the past. Why did she say that?
Dawn: I don’t know, I can’t explain somebody else’s heart. It was weird. I wouldn’t have said that, but I mean…everybody has their right to their own. I think all positive things should be said, no negative. If you really let things go, then you wouldn’t go there.

Bossip: Moving on…what is the Dirty Money Crew?
Dawn: The album (Last Train to Paris) is a group Puff’s working with called Dirty Money Crew. Puff described on MTV that he was working with a group and he had two girls on the side – I’m one of those girls. I’m so excited to be apart of it.

Bossip: What the sound of Dirty Money?

Dawn: Puff calls it train music. It’s a movement, it’s epic. I’ve never been apart of something so big. It’s what you’re not used to hearing.

Bossip: When are you going completely solo? What’s your new sound?
Dawn: I think it should not be forced. I’ll let it happen when it happens. I’m not going to put dates on it because people start asking ‘Well, when is it?!’ Just whenever, organically, it’s supposed to happen. I would hope that I would stay in the same vein as Dirty money, concerning the sound. I love the way that it sounds. I’m sure it won’t necessarily be exactly that, because that’s Puff’s project. He’s not calling it electronica, it’s called train music.

Bossip: D. Woods said something on the show and we want clarification. She said, ‘There wasn’t a sounds foundation for chemistry, and the “personal” and “professional” were not in order.’ What was she referring to?
Dawn: I was confused too. I don’t know. I spoke on what I felt about it and everybody has their right to their opinion. She has a right to her opinion. I didn’t know, either.

Bossip: Like, specifically, what is the sound of train music?
Dawn: When I listen to it, it’s a spiritual movement. It was like when I went to see Prince live and I left the concert feeling like I had caught the spirit. It’s fast, it’s slow, it’s emotional, it’s everything. You have to experience it to understand it.

Bossip: What do you think is going to come of this new show as Diddy tries to pick yet another girl group?

Dawn: Good luck…good luck.

Bossip: Do you really think that reality tv is the route to create a group?
Dawn: We’re just one situation, but Day 26 looks amazing. I got a chance to write on that album. For me, I loved it. It was a great opportunity. I don’t see things in the negative, I always see things in the positive.

Bossip: Did you get a chance to see the Day 26 vids we posted from their Angela Yee interview? Que was talking about tantric sex. How do you feel about your sexual relationship being all over the net…and what is tantric sex?

Dawn: Oh, wow. I’m not the one to explain it, maybe you need to ask Que (she laughs). Oh my God, it’s so embarrassing. It’s an act where sexually you’re in tune with yourself mentally and spiritually. It’s breathing and withholding your orgasm for a long period of time. But, going deeply into our relationship, I’m going to choose this time to not go in, because we slipped up that one time and Que is very vocal. But, people can look up tantric sex.

Bossip: Speaking of Que, I want to give you a chance to dispute the rumors that Que is gay.

Dawn: I honestly feel like I don’t even have to address that. I wouldn’t be with Que if he was gay. Even though I love the gays and they’re my friends, I’m just not going to address that because it’s just ignorant.

Bossip: When are you getting married, Dawn?

Dawn: Wow, ask Que.

Bossip: You want to get married soon?
Dawn: I’ve never been looking, but he is the first guy that I would love to marry. I was never into that, but he saved my heart.

Bossip: If Que proposed tomorrow, would it be a yes?

Dawn: Yes, of course. In a second. But, I respect his age. I respect the growth and I’m not in a rush. I’m a guy’s girl. I’m the chick that doesn’t force it. It’s not that deep to me.

Bossip: Who else are you writing for?
Dawn: I’m writing for Cassie. I’m writing on Last Train to Paris. I know that Rihanna’s in the studio and I would love to get in on a piece of that album. It’s a hustle and I’m always hustling.

Bossip: Like the rest of the music world, will you be doing films or anything else sometime soon?
Dawn: I go down different roads. I go where no one goes. I have a comic book out right now at danitykanecomics.com. The first issue is out. The second issue comes out in December. I have a soundtrack that goes with it that will be coming out at the end of April. That’s the type of stuff that I like to get into. I love fashion, so maybe down the line, I can collab with someone and create something. Music is the big thing. You do what you’re great at and what you’ve come to do first. You don’t delve into other things so quickly that you’re not giving 100 percent, because you end up not giving people your best. If I’m going to do a film, I’m going to be so well seasoned that you won’t be able to make fun of my ass while I’m doing it. I just want to make sure that I’m doing everything the right way. I don’t want to half do anybody. That’s not cute.

Bossip: Are you scared to be on your own having gone through the madness that is the entertainment industry?

Dawn: I’m not scared. I’ve been through the worst, and I had been scared a lot – wondering how I’m going to pay bills. I’m not scared because I’ve been through Katrina. I’ve had my dreams literally taken away and I’m still here by the grace of God. I can’t even be scared anymore because He consistently comes through. You gotta let go and let God.

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    Well anyway, lets be serious…..who is danity kane??? (yawn) next…

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    She sounds like she has her head on straight.

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    Love Dawn and I can’t wait to hear the new music…

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    Dear Dawn,

    Keep your grubby self away from ANYTHING my girl Ri-Ri does. Thanks.

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    The Care Police has been dispatched to another location.

  • Let's talk truth...

    Ride that train ma…Diddy chose you so its time to get that money. He brought you into the money circle -GET THAT MONEY. If you can write..write them songs..get ya name out there because that’s where the money’s at. She is a smart girl. Stop looking on the surface of the situation. I don’t like some of Diddy’s methods but he is a money maker thats for sure. If I could be a fly on the wall I would soak up all the advice & information in that circle.

  • Luv-Lee

    Pretty Wings by Maxwell!!!!!!

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    1st and Only!
    Dawn soundedthe best out of the group anyway. She has a good head on her shoulders and will go far (if she drops Diddy). Keep it up girl.

    First bytches!!!

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    whoever started the rumor about Que being gay is blind and stupid. it’s so clearly obvious that robert is the gay one in Day26.

  • breezy00

    So, you chopped all of your hair off. What made you get a new cut?
    Dawn: I’m with this new thing with puff.

    Whats up with Diddy and his influence to these young women to cut their hair off?

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    Blah Blah Blah….
    She’s just trying to make herself look good, while quietly making the other chicks look bad..
    I dislike her haircut, and why in the fuq would you attempt to be in another Diddy band? I smell a failure yet again!

  • http://potisaallen@verizon.net tia

    I love dawn’s voice and I can’t wait till I can purchase her music.Dwoods and Aubrey were the cause of the breakup because of their funky attitudes and jealousy.How aubrey goin want dk to come to see her on broadway and the group has a show,f… that trick aubrey she was only out for self and dwoods tried to follow with her non singing self and aubrey left her right behind.Nobody cares about dwoods,It was dawn’s voice all along that attracted me to dk anyway,big ups dawn i’ll purchase whatever has your name on it.I just wish you didn’t have to be on diddys cd.lol

  • Smoovee Sayz

    When they asked her about Diddy picking a new girl group…
    Dawn should of looked straight into a camera… opened her eyes big as hell and screamed “Run Bytch…Run!!!”
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    I use to like Dawn now I’m not sure about her. Something about her is just so fake to me…….

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    That was a pretty good interview and I love how Dawn stays on subject and not try to feul things…

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