No More Celie for Tasia

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Fantasia gave her last performance for the Broadway show, “The Color Purple” this past weekend and Patti Labelle was there to give her a standing ovation.

Damn, we wonder why Fantasia’s giving up that steady money so soon. Her contract must be up. Right.

The new Celie:


View pics of the cast change festivities under the hood…

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  • Guilty Pleasure

    I wish she would find a NEW stylist……..ewwww

  • up2nogood

    She looks nasty in everything she puts on.

  • Lauren


  • diddyo

    She’s appears to be very genuine and down-to-earth, traits I wouldn’t expect to see from someone who comes from a background such as hers.It’s said she recently joined a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ” S earching Millionaire. com”.. Many men winked at her there.

  • maaly

    she still looks like celie off set

  • Lauren

    The new Ceclie is pretty she probably can Sang!!!!

  • Bones Jordan

    Real talk, who pays to see a play of a classic movie that wasn’t better than the novel?

  • up2nogood

    @Bones, mornin – okay, you aint lied.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL @ comments because my first thought was “why can’t she dress right”? I don’t get it. Err’body can’t wear everything…and that pose is all wrong!!

  • Lauren

    I don’t think anyone has ever hooked her up with a stylist I am happy though that she has done something with the American Idol crown and sold a lot of records because poor REUBEN STUDDARD been droppped from his label and everything…the boy can’t get right! But back to TASIA…The tights look like they are from the hair store on the corner of Crenshaw & Market.

  • WakeUpCall

    WTF? Get ur makeup right girl

  • samira

    She needs to fire that stylist she has….or go get one.

    Her style is really ghetto stank…YUK!!!

  • Lady Architect

    She’s crazy…I’d never leave that Broadway show…got celebrities coming to give you standing ovations and stuff…making really good money….is she gonna try to come out with a third album now?…her second one didn’t do so well from what I heard.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, Bones, you’re a mess. Obviously, you’re feeling better today…:-)

    BTW, why does the new Celie look like she’d be kin to Whoopi, like 1st cousins or something.

  • bree

    does peta know fantasia is skinning leopards?..she is a serious h.a.m…damn she can’t ever get it right..smh

  • Kerry

    Lmao @ Bones!!! She stay lookin like a hood rat…

  • Soul Cry

    Like the belt and shoes.

  • Candy Barr

    She’s a friggin mess! She desperately needs to shed some pounds, and tone up. But that’s just the half of it . . . Yes, as others suggested, she needs a stylist, desperately!!

  • Bird

    I love me some Tasia. Lawd know I do, but damn if I don’t want to kidnap her and deprogram the ghetto trashiness out of her. I can’t even call her ghetto fabulous. What the hell is up with that skanky pose?

  • helltothanaw(Free MJB NOW gotdamit!!!)

    I can see about 50 things wrong with this broad.. Somebody please HELP HER!!!! Gotdayum she needs an intervention.. Everytime I see her she a H.A.M.. This is soooo wrong on so many levels its ridiculous..

  • up2nogood

    @ Bones – ha ha!! betta watch out ole gurl has quite a grill on her. somethin might come up missin.

  • Kimy

    You don’t need a stylist to look good just basic common sense!

  • jen

    Clearly she has other things she needs to work on, like her wardrobe for instance. I have never been a fan. I guarntee we will not hear much about her after this. Fantasia appears to be a bit lazy.

  • ms jazz
  • Nish

    I like Fantasia, but she has been looking rough lately. She seems to getting worse and worse everytime I see her. I hope that she gets it together and gets back in the studio soon.

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