Question of the Day: Is Caviar from ‘For The Love of Ray-J’ a Man???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

They say Caviar is 6’2″ tall and we don’t know about ya’ll, but the way she talks sounds like a man trying to hide his real voice. We’ve seen the For the Love of Ray J show and the reunion and we’re convinced Caviar is not a female.

The second we saw these photos this morning, we were thrown for ANOTHER loop. Can you hide a peter in the shot above? Can a tranny look (dare we say) this good?

Pop the top to see more and come to your own conclusion…

Images via ICEDOTCOM

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  • bronzedasian



    If its a woman I’ll just say she’s handsome!God,what is this world coming to?

  • Told you so

    he’s a damn good looking woman if he is…if she didnt open her mouth nobody would know

  • Luv-Lee

    Pretty Wings by Maxwell!!!!!!

  • Me No Likey

    If you have to wonder then prepare yourself for
    Gossip says Ray J would have no issue with a Dangle Down

  • pm

    6’2 on a woman is crazy

  • http://bossip MY BAAD

    she’s just a gross woman.. pretty in a certain light but gross 🙂

  • krakatoa

    Looks all woman to me.

  • natureboy601

    No comment

  • JUJU

    6″2 on a woman is R.A.W. if the body is right, not too skinny and not too thick, some men love tall women and then there are some men that are intimidated by tall women.

  • BabyDoll2u

    Yall so damn lame…act as if you never seen a woman that is tallers than 5’8…like there can be no such thing as women in this world that are tall beyond average with deep voices….yall so lame for that…calling that girl out like that is beneath IGNORANT.

    I guess yall to associated with American standards on beauty that yall are naive to the versatility in this world associated with MEN AND WO-MEN aka HUMAN BEINGS…….for example theres plenty of women in Sweden that are none for being extra tall with deep voices..but YET there still WOMEN….HELL WOMEN COME FROM MEN…theres going to be women in this world that have strong similarities to a man…for the simple fact thats where WE DERIVED FROM….MEN….this site can post some ignorant sh#t.

    Grow the hell up.

    Whatever her sexuality maybe thats none of yall damn buisness she aint tryn to holla at none of yall NOR are you about to be married to this girl…so MY QUESTION OF DAY TO YALL IS….WHY DO HELL DO YOU CARE?

  • BabyDoll2u

    i meant to say my question to yall is WHY “THE” DO YALL CARE?

  • Re (Gambit in 3 days!)

    She looks like she’s squeezing her butt for dear life trying to hold in a fart in the thumbnails…

  • miko

    i don’t think that’s a man. you know russian chicks are big anyway!

  • chaka1

    She’s a she…

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    i’d still HIT IT!!!!!!!!!

  • DICooper

    Yay for Juju and Miko.

    I like ’em tall. They better never let me find one that is 6’2″ and dumb fine because she’d be pushing out my future ballers in no time…

  • Bored @ Work

    Why would she find Bobby Valentino attractive? Ugh

  • Come on People

    Wow, I have always had a deep voice. I guess I am a tranny, too. This calling people gay thing has gone too far.

  • dougfresh

    Damn….Why yall overweight, insecure women on here gotta be such obvious HATERS?!?! Talking about her feet and other features that she cant control and meanwhile 99% of yall couldnt pay a man to sleep with your fugly asses. Stop exposing yourselves…We know you all look like trolls and cry yourselves to sleep at night wishing you could look 1/10th as good as Caviar.

    Truth Hurts!

  • Bahama Mama

    She can’t talk worth a damn…but she’s really beautiful

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • MsFit

    It has gone too far! I think if you don’t have “proof”, it’s dangerous to put it out there.

  • *Seriously?

    He probably just had it cut off. Still a man, though! If you saw they show at all, how could you deny it?!

  • Caramel Cat (formerly c from stl)

    As a fellow tall woman (I’m 5’11” barefoot) I can attest that she may very well be a woman with a deep voice. I know she’s half russian and those women sometimes are classified as manly. But, in all fairness her body looks soft like a woman’s, it doesn’t look hard or chiseled like your typical tranny. I always thought she was the prettiest one on the show just not too bright. And, I hate to hear her talk, but she’s a gorgeous girl…

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