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Out of pocket Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman did get suspended for two weeks for her “lynching” statement even though Tiger was not offended by her comments.

That’s what she gets, silly ho.


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  • hiswife

    I commend the Golf Channel…

  • Golden Shoes

    I really wonder if the lynching statement would have come out of her mouth if Tiger did not have a black Father. The subconcious really does reveal. No matter how much Tiger claims that he was not offended by her comment, there will come a day that Tiger has to realize that despite:white wife, millions in the bank and professional success. when it comes down to it he will be judged by the color of his skin in the eyes of people who consider people of color as inferior.

    How will Tiger handle it when his black daughter is called a N word, how we he handle it when his daughter is snubbed by classmates and or in public? Money can not keep her protected from her blackness. Will he not be offended then?

  • elle

    Remember he has stated that he’s not black, so why would this statement bother him?


  • Soul Cry

    See…he’s looking at it like she was playing…and that’s how we joke with eachother in the persons. But see, that’s the problem….stop letting your WFriends step out of character, callin’ you thier nigg(with an)a. Cause then they forget themselves and think the their down with everyone.

    But, we all know how Tiger feels… I said it yesterday, he was probably more insulted by the mere fact that he was perceived as a black man then the whole lynch thing.

  • V

    @ Bones Jordan

    My thoughts exactly. He needs to get some back bone and stand up for himself, if not people of color.

  • Southern Belle 225

    did anyone hear the actual audio of her saying this? I heard it on the radio this morning. To be honest (and I know yall aint gonna like it), it didn’t sound racist at all in the context she said it. Now, I do believe it was extremly inappropriate and she needs to be reprimanded. Even though I don’t believe she intended it to be racist, they don’t need to let this slide. Its her bad that she slipped up and if I were Tiger, I would be pissed and demand that she be fired.

  • elle

    It was distasteful.

    If Mr. Woods was Steven Rosenberg and this news reporter said, ” How can you beat him, throw him in an oven,” it would be just as distasteful.

    She should be reprimanded for being very unprofessional.

  • trippn

    As long as you don’t call Tiger black – brother don’t care white folks says about “black/colored people”…… just con’t call him black-

  • Astrid

    It’s no surprise this woman said something like this. She is from South Carolina, her father is the former mayor of Myrtle Beach, she went to Duke and she’s been in that golf/elitist/country club lifestyle all of her life. She would probably lynch Tiger Woods herself if she could. Racist tramp!

  • Soul Cry

    Much agreed Elle

  • Ibn

    Tiger wouldnt be offended he is just as white as her.

  • im so pretty

    when is tiger and the rest of black america gonna realize that just like ”southern belle225”said,no matter how much money you make or how many times you try to be like them you are always going to be a ni**er in their eyes,and from time to time they like to remind you.

  • Wrong Post Girl

    Kim is either wearing granny panties or that shyte is enhanced

  • khia213

    You know white folks are all over this claiming it wasn’t racist, but the best analogy for it is if her male co-host had said to her “The guys on the team ought to take you in a back alley and gang rape you.” Not a woman in America would have thought that was a joke.

    As for Tiger, he didn’t have a problem with playing on segregated golf courses. He didn’t say a mumbling word about Fuzzy Zellers making that fried chicken remark when Tiger won the Masters the first time. Why would anyone believe he would have the dignity to care about this?

  • maaly

    wheres al sharpton when this little ish pops off?

  • Kurt Eric Munroe

    Toothless Tiger

  • Anonymous3

    well although Tiger didn’t have a clue that he was even a part of the drama (again he is Carblanasian folks) I feel that there has been some vindication and now can we simply move on???

  • Niki

    Kelly meant what she said. Why would she even have that kind of language in her vocabulary? This is the way that she speaks in a comfortable setting–i.e, around other racist white people.

    As for Tiger, I am done with him. How could he not be offended? He has such a poor self-image as a black man that I am personally offended.

  • Kurt Eric Munroe

    …and the offending skank is in that picture looking Mr. Man. Looks like she is wearing an umpire’s vest.

  • Harlem Chic

    Somebody give me her e-mail so I can send her some real pics of lynching. Matta of fact her brother, husband, father, Uncle, nephew need to be lynched in a black alley some where….then she won’t think her comment was so harmless….



    Is golf even a sport? I thought it was a hobby

  • Lite&Sweet

    if your FATHER was ALIVE do you think maybe HE would have been offended Tiger?

    this dum*ss comment the chick made was worse than Imus. At least Imus had the excuse of ‘I was using terms that black men use themselves’. He thinks he’s a shock jock and funny. He’s an old fart who you could actually believe was racist at one time so whats IN him is hard to hide, but this girl….of all the VERBS in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE and her DUKE UNIVERSITY EDUCATION..the best she can do is ‘you’d have to lynch him to stop him’? You dont see NO BLACK PERSON JOKING about being LYNCHED. D*mn if Tiger is offended…it offended ME.

  • John

    Thats vacation time!! THats not punishment!!!

  • dayg715

    of course he wasn’t offended. he’s not black.

  • http://deleted keith

    when are we gonna stop lettin these comments hurt us. theres an inevitable backlash i see in the near future from the fact that we let name calling hurt us.its like highschool all over again except the people are grown as hell. we as black people survived slavery and racial unequality , now theres more black millionaires than ever in we are the most ovcerly sensitive race in the world. im not dissin us at all, but its the truth.

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