Defense Lawyer Blames “The Ghost Of Trayvon Martin” For Guilty Verdict In Renisha McBride Case

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Do you think Renisha’s killer got a fair shake in the courtroom?

Defense Attorney Blames Trayvon Martin Verdict For Guilty Verdict In Renisha McBride Case

Last month, justice was served in the shooting death of Renisha McBride. However, everyone doesn’t agree with the ruling. Apparently defendant Theodore Wafer’s attorney found the ruling so unfair that she has taken a year-long sabbatical from legal practice over her guilt of not being able to get him acquitted. Via Detroit News:

The last time the country, if not the world, was watching attorney Cheryl Carpenter, she broke down weeping in court.

In late August, Carpenter was arguing for leniency in the sentencing of her client, Theodore Wafer. Wafer, 55, was found guilty in the shooting death of Renisha McBride, 19, after she pounded on his front door in the middle of the night. Through tears, Carpenter pleaded Wafer “shows more remorse than any client I have ever seen.”

Now, almost a year to the day of the Nov. 2 murder that thrust Carpenter into the spotlight, she cringes at the memory.

“I’ve never cried like that in a courtroom,” she said, sitting cross-legged on her couch in her Birmingham home. “I was horrified by it. Society does not accept tears or emotion very well. Especially from attorneys.”

Still, the 44-year-old will attest: The very passion that caused her to lose her composure is the same force that draws her to the most hopeless of cases.

“The ones who are the most powerless, the ones who are the most hated and the ones who are the most prejudged are the ones I want to help the most,” she said. “It feels like my calling. I want to fight for the biggest underdog.”

Wait…so she thinks Wafer was the underdog here? O….k. But here’s what she had to say about the racial climate during the trial that she feels was unbeatable — despite what she saw as evidence to the contrary:

Still, the Wafer-McBride case came on the heels of the Trayvon Martin case in Florida which was intensely scrutinized and covered by worldwide media.

“The pressure was different than any other case I’d ever had,” she said. “We had the ghost of Trayvon Martin in the courtroom.”

In one breath, she insisted, “This case was not racial. I can say, with 100-percent confidence, that Ted did not know who was on his front porch when he saw a figure coming at him.” In the next, she said: “It didn’t help that after (George) Zimmerman was acquitted, he acted like an assaultive creep and they thought, probably, we can’t led Ted go free and maybe murder another woman.”

Last week, attorneys from the state appellate defender’s office filed an appeal of Wafer’s second-degree murder conviction.

Hmmm…what do you think Bossip fam? Was Wafer not given the same benefit of the doubt he would have been afforded pre-Trayvon??

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