Jesus Take The Wheel: Frankie Acts a Complete Fool…Again

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Come on Frankie, cake on the face? Have some class now, SMH. The Manny Birthday Party, if you notice, was Keyshia Cole absent. We have been hearing reports of Keyshia being pregnant by her boo, Daniel Gibson, but we’ll wait on an actual baby to surface this time. SMH

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  • * Hi Hatas *


  • Educated Lady

    She is so embarrassing!

  • crock of sh*t

    pure buffoonery.

  • * Hi Hatas *

    This nothing new. frankie acts out all the time. sometimes i think she acts too young for her age. but that is just my opinon.

  • sj

    She’s back on that stuff! If i was Keyshia, I would buy her a one way ticket, back to the Cali.

  • Buff Diddy


  • Buff Diddy

    maybe not…LOL !!

  • brooklynsdondivo

    What a mess of a mother!!!

  • GGooDie

    Is this chick SPREAD EAGLE!!


    You can take a chick out the crack house but not the crack out of her.

  • Smoovee Sayz

    Ay guys peep that pic with all the ladies striking ghetto poses…wtf is leaning over Neffie??? It is leaning to the side w/ a frightened wig on it’s head…

  • About it

    Keysha betta stay relevant cuz mama is the kind of crazy byatch that would get her azz kicked by a dude at a party for actin’ so stupid. Dam, Frankie, you need attention that bad at your age. She tryin’ to be the black anna nicole smith or somethin’?


    she is the worst thing to happen to keshia!!!!!!

  • JB More than a mathametician I am The Courgarometrist extrodinaire

    Have you guys ever noticed that when stuff like this happens, Keyshia is never there but Neffie is always around? IMO, it looks like Keyshia is distancing herself from this mess of a mother. It is okay to have a good time, but damn Frankie. ANd then she gets mad at Keyshia’s adoptive mother for being there when she wasn’t.


    Yeah, she is a J.

  • Missunderstood

    wow…. if she’s not on crack she is certainly very crack-ish… how embarassing… and did you see her and the other sister (the newly found sibling, lol!) in the pic with her old dude? The same on from the show where Neffie infamously went to his apartment and blasted him and the mom? he was no good for her, bad move IMO….

    On the other hand, Neffie is looking much improved! Her book must’ve sold some units!

  • Luv-Lee


  • Re (Gambit in 3 days!)

    LMAO @ the picture with her leg up, like she just got a whiff of her own smell…

  • Lisa Vee

    @Smoovee….LOL!!! I just peep that…thats a dude or the Ugliest Woman of the Year!!!!!!!!

  • Re (Gambit in 3 days!)

    This looks like a murder scene…

    Is that blood on her hands? Oh God…I’m scared.



  • Re (Gambit in 3 days!)

    What’s with the shredded shirt?

  • Lisa Vee

    The woman in the orange shirt thats in the pic with dude in the white is a cutie…she must be a guest of somebody….she looks very out of place.

  • pm

    Lawd-Ham-Mercy….frankie had a crack relaps.

  • Joona

    Peep Soulow or whatever his name is (Neffie husband) checkin out the girl in blue in that picture….

  • *Living lovely*

    umm okay its her birthday she can celebrate it how she wants to……the way people leavin this world she should be happy to be here….

    Is she crazy HELL YES but that is not breaking news

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