White Mississippi teacher calls disruptive black students "colored"

Race Matters: Mississippi Teacher Snaps At Black Students “Be Quiet Before I Send Your Colored Selves To The Office”

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Bish whet?!?

Mississippi Teacher Disciplined For Calling Students Colored

Via ClarionLedger

Two Guntown Middle School students say a teacher made a racist remark after attempting to get the girls to be quiet.

WTVA reported that Dominique Witherspoon and Paris Howell were telling jokes in class on October 20 when their teacher twice asked them to stop.

According to Witherspoon the teacher, who is caucasian, said, “Be quiet before I send your colored selves to the office.”

The girls said they and their classmates were shocked.

Superintendent Jimmy Weeks said the teacher was reprimanded and apologized to the students and their parents.

“Once the administration at the school was made aware of what happened, the proper disciplinary measures were taken in accordance to school district policy,” Weeks said in a statement.

Parents want the teacher fired ASAP.

“We’ve went through too much as a people to have to go back to being called colored, to being called the N-word,” Michelle Russell, the mother of Paris Howell, said. “I will not stand for it.”

Sound like this heffa is some kin to Paula Deen. SMFH.

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