Knockouts: A Gallery Of Movie Set Fights You Didn’t Know About

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Celebrities Who Got Into Fights On Movie Set

Movie and TV sets are full of crazy egos. Which means that personalities are bound to clash. These people didn’t get along at all and ended up in physical fights. We bet you don’t know about these.


Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J – They got into a fist fight on the set of Any Given Sunday…actually LL knocked Jamie the hell out.


Rip Torn and Dennis Hopper – They had a fight in the 80s on the set of the movie Cross Creek and Torn pulled out a knife.


Lucy Liu and Bill Murray – On the set of Charlie’s Angels, Bill Murray said Liu had no talent and she started punching him. Next thing you know, Bernie Mac is taking his place.


George Clooney and David O. Russell – Russell was the director for Clooney’s Three Kings movie and he was freaking out at the cast and crew. Clooney had enough and they ended up trying to choke each other.


Rip Torn and Norman Mailer – They were supposed to be filming a fight, but it turned real and was actually included…crazy.


Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren – She denied his advances and he tortured her by making her film repeated scary scenes on the set of Birds.

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    Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki – They got into a fight on the set of Big Bang Theory and it led to Parsons quitting the show.


    Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe – Rob accidentally hit Tom in the face filming a fight and Tom took it to heart and went after him.


    Naya Rivera and Lea Michele – They got into a fight on the set of Glee.


    Bill Murray and Chevy Chase – They got into a fight mere minutes before Chase’s monologue to host the show. They still hate each other.


    Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf – Shia accidentally clocked Pitt during a fight scene for Fury but the situation was later diffused. 


    Isaiah Washington and The Grey’s Anatomy Cast – We all know about his homophobic fight with T.R. Knight but you may not know that fight came out of a fight he was having with Patrick Dempsey.

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