BOSSIP Exclusive: Willie Taylor Of Day 26 Talks New Single “Blast Off,” Making Women Soaking Wet & Having No Competition

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Willie Taylor Talks New Single Blast Off, Making Women Moist And More

R&B supergroup Day26 has been back on the music scene heavy this year and like the other 4 crooners in the talented five-some, group member Willie Taylor has also been hard at work pushing his solo projects. Most recently, Willie dropped a smoking hot slow jam titled Blast Off that has the ladies, the internet and everyone in between wanting more.

We caught up with Willie recently as he co-hosted the RnB Spotlight showcase in NYC to get the inside scoop on Blast Off, his upcoming “S*x Tape 2″ mixtape, Day26 and more. Check out our exclusive interview below.

Talk a little bit about your new single “Blast Off:”
Blast Off is my first offering from my “S*x Tape 2” project. And I wanted to make sure that I gave people enough to believe in “S*x Tape 2.” The first one did over 2.5 million downloads so, automatically that’s already tough to beat.

I just wanted to show people that it’s not all just sex music, I’m actually taking them through an experience. I feel like Blast Off  has that Maxwell/DeAngelo feel that’s missing from today’s music.

What do you want people to get from listening to your music?
For guys, I want it to being like their mojo. For women, I know that women do like to be told what they should be feeling in the bedroom and what to do. My biggest song to date as a solo artist is called “Soaking Wet” and it’s just because I told them ‘this is the song that makes you soaking wet.’ And you know, they heard it and it made them wet and that was it. [laughs]. So, my music is more of a mental game rather than just being a sexual experience.

Some R&B artists say they don’t like having sex to their own music. Is that true for you also?
You know, it’s funny you say that. Before this “Sex Tape 2,” I would be able to say that. But as I’ve been recording for it now, I’m like “yooooo, this is really it!” [laughs.] So, this new music that I’m doing now has definitely taken me out of that zone. This right here, it was really a moment where I hear it and it’s like “this is really sexy,” to the point where it turns ME on.

Name 3 qualities in a woman that would get you close to “Blast Off?”
Just being sexy. And that’s not just what anybody would think of as being sexy. It’s one thing to be visually sexy but, sex appeal goes further than just the image. So that is really just one thing that takes me over the top. That just about sums it up for me.

What’s the hardest part about being a solo artist and being in a group at the same time?
I think today’s music kind of makes that possible because like, I really want Day 26 to be the biggest R&B group that ever existed. And I want Willie Taylor to be the biggest R&B artist; I want both of those things. So it will never be a situation where me doing something as a solo artist will hinder what Day26 is doing because if Day26 is doing something, I’m always gonna do it because I want the same success for us as a group as I want for myself as a solo artist.

Willie also spoke on his craziest interaction with a female fan, the Day26 tour, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, August Alsina and more. Hit the flip to hear what else he had to say and to take a listen to Blast Off  if you haven’t already heard it.

What other male artist do you see as competition or who do you see as someone who keeps you on your toes?
My thing is, I respect everybody and I listen to everybody. Chris Brown,Trey Songz, August Alsina, Jermih. R.Kelly is my big brother. He’s the king of R&B, in my eyes. I’m a fan of everybody but, I can honestly say this, though…and I just want to word this the right way so nobody takes it the wrong way because I know how people are….but….is it ok to say I’m not impressed? [laughs].

I’m gonna always support them. If they drop something, I’m gonna buy it because I want to support and I know how hard it is for an artist. But, I’m just not impressed….with nobody. And I wouldn’t be the competitor that I am if I said that I was. That’s just where I’m at with it.

On when the full “Sex Tape 2” mixtape is coming:
I’m thinking I’m gonna drop it before Christmas. I’m approving mixes right now. It’s independent so, I just want to make sure everything is right. I don’t wanna give anybody anything shabby; nothing that can make them “wonder” if they like it or not. Just want to make sure I make it the best possible.

Do you have your sights set on a label as a solo artist or do you like being independent better?
Independent is better financially for me. I think when it comes to the major [labels], they get the word out there about my music coming quicker and let people know. Me by myself pushing it independently is a different ball game. Like, even today I had the airport rocking and everybody wanted to know when would be the next time they’ll hear some new music from me and I’m like “I just dropped a single!” But I can’t fault them for not knowing because I understand the independent grind and I just had to tell them, which was no problem. I actually have offers to go major if I want to so, I’m fortunate enough to have a choice.

What has been your wildest interaction with a female fan as a solo artist?
Well…I sing a lot of sex music so I deal with a lot of horny women [laughs]. Usually when I’m doing my show, that crowd knows what they’re coming for. It can get really wild. I get flashed….everything. And it’s funny to me because when I’m writing this stuff, I don’t expect to see it. I expect women to go home and whoever that special person is that they’re with, I expect them to get all of that build up. But, you know, sometimes they save it for me to see and they bring it to the shows [laughs]. But, you know, I appreciate it though.

How is the Day26 tour going?
It’s going really good but, I would like for it to be a lot more. I feel like all the die-hard Day26 fans are showing up and they’re having the time of their life and we’re enjoying giving it to them. But I feel like we’re at a crossing point where we want to reach more people and different audiences as well. Like maybe people that weren’t rocking with Day26 before. But we’re giving them everything that we’ve got. And, you know, the tweets that I read and the feedback that we get, people are saying “that was the best show I’ve seen all year” and that really does my heart well.

What we need is more people to come out and support. Because it’s like you look at some of these rap concerts, man, and the crowds are wall-to-wall! And that’s nothing against rap, you know, do your thing. But if you really support real singing and are a fan of R&B music, come and support. We need you.

If you haven’t heard Willie’s single yet, check out this snippet below and then do yourself a favor and get the full version HERE.


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